List of Biennials and International Prize Awards:

1) International Prize Tiepolo Awardee (my 1st Arte Milano award) - Milan, Italy (April 21, 2016); 2) International Prize Colosseo (Artist in History) - Brancaccio Palace - Rome, Italy (May 20, 2016); 3) Shakespeare In Art Award at the 1st Triennale in Contemporary Art - Verona, Italy (June 9-11, 2016); 4) Venice in Art (Casanova in Art Awardee) - Flangini Palace - Venice, Italy (September 17, 2016); 5) Critically Acclaimed Contemporaries at Uffizi (Contemporary Artist Awardee) - Uffizi Gallery Museum & Ximenes Palace in Florence, Italy (November 11-13, 2016); 6) International Prize Award Galileo Galilei Awardee - Pisa, Italy (January 22, 2017); 7) Awardee of International Prize Cristoforo Colombo in Genova-Genoa (an Art Explorer Awardee) - Genova Aquarium in Genova (February 16-18, 2017); 8) International Award Dante Alighierri Prize Awardee - Biennale Peschiera del Garda, Italy (April 1 2017); 9) Chosen or Cited as Top 100 International Artists for 2016 By VIDA E-Commerce Shop - (San Francisco, California, USA); 10) International Award Francisco Goya Prize Awardee - Hall of Mirrors at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain (May 6, 2017); 11) ART EXPO ROME CARAVAGGIO PRIZE: Awardee of International Award Michaelangelo de / di Caravaggio - An International Award Caravaggio Experience - Salle Del Bramante at Piazza del Popolo, Roma (May 26 - May 29, 2017); 12) Premio Internazionale Milan Art Awards Awardee (my 2nd arte milano award) - The very First International Milan Art Awards -Theater Del Verme, Milan (July 25, 2017); 13) A part of - "The Best 2017 Modern & Contemporary Artists" an Effeto Arte curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo "Premio Internazionale Berlino" with Official Presentation of Art Volume - Berlin at Franzosische Friedrichsadtkirche Georges Casalis room (September 24, 2017); 14) a part of Art Exhibition: Segnalati I in Berlin (September 2017); 15) Silver Artist Awardee of VIDA E-Commerce Voice and VIDA (dolce) Artist Discovery Showcase - San Francisco, California, USA (September 30, 2017); 16) Awardee of International Prize Award Andrea Mantegna - Biennale Mantua, Francesco Gonzaga Museum, Mantua, Italy (November 2017); 17) il Genio dell' Arte 2017 (Prize) Awardee {the Genuis in Art 2017) with Art International Contemporary Magazine (Paler{o}mo, Italy) - October 2017 release {November / December 2017 publication}; 18) a mini part with Miami meets Milano {International Art Milan / Arte Milano Exhibition} - Hotel Victor, Miami Beach, Florida, USA with El Russo and Spoleto Arte: on Biennale Milano (an Art Milan) {December 6 - 10, 2017}; 19) International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci (the Universal Artist Award) Awardee for 2018 - Borghese Palace, Florence (Firenze), Italy (January 20, 2018); 20) Biennale della Nazioni (United Nations Biennal - International Artists Awards 2018 Awardee) – Miseracordia Complex, Venice (March 16-19, 2018); 22) New Art Masters 2018 Catalogue (United Kingdom); 23) International Prize Award of Nations (Tribute to Tiziano),
Scuola Grande della Misericordia Palace in Venice (March 19, 2018); .
{-[-(--- my artisianl goals below: ---)-]-}
to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[CULINARY & BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, prepare & bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this culinary endeavour]

Kerygma Books by Shepherd's Voice Publishing


Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Forever Around the World Art Canvas by Creo by Lady Katutz (Art Series Part II)

Hi, everyone!

I just finished today, November 30th of 2015 one of my Out of the Page Project for my Art Series (Part II) with the theme:  Christmas Forever Around the World.  It is Season's Greetings Art Canvas completed for the Christmas Season which now sits in my home's living room and receiving area for the 2015 Holiday Season.

Here it is:

Oil paint from Daler Rowney; Blank Art Canvas with Easel stand from All About Scrapbooking; Daisy Bucket; my metal label from Jigs and Clay; and Embellishments purchased from Forest House in Baguio City way back year 2012.  I'm so glad I found my supplies again for my Art Series (Part II) in time for this year's 2015 Christmas Holidays!!

Today is the last day of November and I'm ushering in the merry month of December.

A Happy Month of December 2015, everyone!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Your Country Postcards & Stamps III


I'm sharing a 3rd post on Country Postcards and Stamps from Sri Lanka and Finland:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Your Country Postcards & Stamps II


I would like to share or show you a 2nd post on Country Postcards and Stamps from Italy and Czech Republic:

Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Philippine National Stamp Collecting Month Handmade Maxicards

Hi, everyone!

It took me almost the end of the month of November or the end of the National Stamp Collecting Month before I was able to privately re-issue Maxicards for the occasion.  Unfortunately, the National Stamp Collecting Month Meet-Up in Las Piñas City was . . .  if not postponed momentarily, the event could be cancelled for this year 2015.

I'm just able to breathe a little in the private re-issuance of only 1 set of Maxicards for the National event.  I saved 2 sets (1 NSCM handmade Maxicard & 1 Postcrossing Meet-Up / Meeting Card in a set), should the Meeting push thru before the month ends . . .  just a little more of a few days to go.

Here I am now sharing photos of my handmade maxicards:

The stamps are the 4 set stamp issued for the 2014 National Stamp Collecting Month which happens to be the 160th year celebrated 2014.

Four-color themed handmade maxicards were privately issued last year for the event, no matter how delayed the issuance was last year which was postmarked January 30, 2015 (2 months after the occasion).

This year is only the re-issuance of 1 color of the 4 color themed handmade maxicards.  What was re-issued was the teal color handmade maxicard.

Not technically concordant according to FIAP and FIP rules, but this was issued as non-traditional maxicard in terms of the fact that the cards are handmade in nature and not visibly concordant per traditional rules of both international commission or association.

The postmark, due to the handmade or embossed nature of the handmade maxi, are not despicably postmarked clearly but postmarked with upmost care to the card.

All in all, a non-traditional private maxicard issuance!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Book of Life - November 2015 pages

Hi, everyone!

I wasn't able to submit any last October 2015 for my Design Team project for Book of Life Group for the challenge topic for November 2015.  But as they say, it's better late than never.  It's my own Book of Life after all.

So, here are 3 pages for my Book of Life.
These are my November 2015:

Topic:  Remember This Special Moment 

Topic: A Day in November 2015 

Topic: My Shopping Cart

Friday, November 20, 2015

"Picture Perfect", "Enchanted Kingdom" & "True Happiness Is" LOs for Sunshine Inspired Designs

Hi, everyone!

I mourn what had happened at Paris, France a few days ago.
My deepest condolences to the bereaved families.


Today's the release of

Sunshine Inspired Designs (SID)'s

"Color Me Happy" digital kit:

I had so much fun creating with the digital kit and

here I am now sharing my prepared projects with Sunshine Inspired Designs . . .

It's been quite a while since I created digital LOs again.

These LOs were completed November 14, 2015.

Here are my CT Projects for Color Me Happy digital kit release:

working on my 2014 Christmas photos

working on my 2015 Summer photos

working on an unscrapped 2015 random photo

Please visit With Love Studio (WLS) or Scraps n' Pieces (SNP)

to grab SID's new "Color Me Happy" digital kit.

Thanks and happy shopping!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Creo by Lady Katutz" Artist Trading Cards - Art Series (Part II) - Season's Greetings


I would like to share another set of artist trading cards.  This time these are with my Part II of my Art Series with a theme of Christmas Forever Around the World, which I named as Season's Greetings.

Here they are in a vid:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Creo by Lady Katutz" Artist Trading Cards - Art Series (Part I) - Hi & The Smallest Wonder

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share this time a part of my Art Series (Part I).  I have 2 kinds of creations for my Part I which is the "Hi!" Collection & the "The Smallest Wonder Give the Greatest Joys" Collection.

I married these 2 Collections in my Artist Trading Card Series, which I want to call as a Parent Category of:  "You Are A True Friend" and the 2 Collections as a sub-categories.

Anyway, here's sharing a video of my artist trading card series for Art Series (Part I) completed November 12, 2015:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Creo by Lady Katutz" Digitized Art Card Series (Part II) - Christmas Forever Around the World

Hi, everyone!

As I have shared a few weeks ago my Handmade Art Card Series for Part II with a theme of Christmas Forever Around the World, I would like to share this time my Digitized Art Card Series also for Part II with the same theme.

I'm so glad to have created this November 10, 2015, in time for the 2015 Christmas Season too.

Here is a video of both the Greeting Card and the Postcard Digitized Art Cards:

Monday, November 16, 2015

My 11th Batch of Postcards for 2015

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share my 11th Batch of Postcards which have made it to the Printer for year 2015.

Here they are:

digital art series on a postcard
"Season's Greetings"
(A Christmas Forever Around the World project)
digitally created for Creo by Lady Katutz on November 10, 2015.  Created also part of CBLK Art Series (Part II).
Special thanks to Inspired by Dominic Designs.

artisanal mini album on a postcard
"Happy Mini Album"
(An Artisanal Project)
handcrafted for Creo by Lady Katutz on October 13, 2013.  Created also as a Design Team Member Project for Kaboodle Doodles in 2013 and as an Artisanal Project for a Mini Album Swap.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Guest On Spotlight: Dorin Cojocariu of Maximum Card Study Unit (MACSU)

Hi, everyone!

I'm introducing a World Renown Maximaphilist and Philatelist on Creo by Lady Katutz' Guests On Spotlight.

My very 4th Guest on Spotlight is a new friend in the world of Maximaphily and Philately, none other than World Renown Dorin Cojocariu.  He is a part of the American Philatelic society.  And, he manages or is a part of a non-profit organization with a few other maximaphilists known as:

The Maximum Card Study Unit

See his photobucket albums and sub-albums, for thousands of examples of his work.

See some of his personalized stamps and postcards 
("Cards and postage" at Zazzle):

As I'm in the Philippines, he has been the one who helped me and pushed for more in my creation or production of my Maxicards in the USA with his's support.  Not only maxicards but also my own designs turned into USA's's postage stamps with his help.  Furthering my collection not only in maximaphily discipline but also in philately.

Below are the prepared questions and his corresponding answers to each:  
I hope you get to know him thru this post of mine about him.

9 Short Questions and 1 Wrap-It Question:

1.  I would like to know your complete / full name and what you do.
Dorin Cojocariu

2.  How did you get started in your craft?

I started as "postage stamp accumulator" as a child, since I was curious about those miniature images.

3.  Where there previous or other arts and crafts that you delved with or are currently enjoying?

Reading, philately/stamp collecting, LEGO...and a few others.

4.  Do you have hidden crafts that you like and enjoy by yourself?

Hidden? No.

5.  Amongst your crafts, which one did struck gold and became your main stint?  How did it help you?

Philately is (one of the) most educational hobbies. It sparks and fuels the appetite for general culture.

6.  How many years have you been dealing with your craft?  Or with each of your crafts?

Over half a century of stamp collecting...

7.  What is your main motivation or inspiration for indulging with your craft?

The joy of cultural research, and even of creativity in philately.

8.  Five years before, where were you in your craft?  Five years from now, what do you envision for your craft?

Five years ago I had more time for my hobby...I even had a philatelic blog...Five years from now I hope to have again more time...:)

9.  What are your major breakthroughs and milestones in relation to your craft or in the industry you are with?

In 2005 I switched my focus from stamp collecting, to maximaphily. I also found the joy of designing personalized stamps, personalized postcards, and personalized postmarking devices. All those are best brought together in maximum cards (maxicards).

10.  Describe yourself and your craft in one short phrase, word or sentence.

I am a passionate global promoter of philately (in general) and maximaphily (in particular), on the creative side (designing personalized stamps, postcards and postmarks). I have already designed for friends/partners/clients from North ("and Central") America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ambasadress of

Hi, everyone!

the photo above is a screenshot of the email received from the Team.

I would like to share the news that I have been awarded the title of Postcrossing Ambasador / Ambasadress by the Community Manager and the Team of the Project.  

It has been a delightful news to receive, though, I have to admit it was so much work put into it to have garnered the aforementioned title.

After 4 articles, I was able to clinch the deal with the Postcrossing Management Team:

I started with being a Postcrossing Member more than 2 years ago working with so much joy in sending postcards (from MAP postcards, Philippine historical figures postcards in spreading Philippine history, to touristic postcards).

I found delight in return also in receiving postcards from around the world.

I joined and became an active member of the Forum and I found my niche in indulging in Travelling Notebook activities.

Not only the Website and Forum, but I also joined groups outside of in further promoting postcrossing.  I created and had been an Administrator of 2 Postcrossing Groups that converge in Facebook and created a Facebook page purely on Postcrossing Groups and the Postcrossers around the world and those reachable thru the internet.

It is an effort and I did hope that it generated more posting activities of various postcrossing activities simultaneously working in the background in various postcrossing groups.  But it was too much to keep tab on.

At this time, I have yet 7 Travelling Notebooks that need to find the way and time back home to me.  I also have 3 Travelling Postcard packs that have yet to find its way around to reach me and my co-admin in the United Kingdom.  I have almost or nearly lost hope that I entrust it to the unknown out there and to not loose faith in their return.

As I have learned to create my own postcards as an addition to the variety of postcards that I can send thru postcrossing, this year 2015, I worked on and completed the designs of both the Postcrossing Meet-Up and Postcrossing Meeting Cards for's 10th Anniversary, which was released and utilized during the 2015 World Post Day celebration.   I'm glad to have a mini Las Piñas Post Office branch tour done on the same event.  To read more of the mini activity, I managed to put together:

I have also and am already creating maxicards under the maximaphily discipline as a non-traditional private maximaphilist here in the Philippines and abroad - with Singapore Philatelic Museum and with Mr. Dorin Cojocariu with his USA support.  I hope to cover more ground reaching United Kingdom also.

I would like to share how my Postcrossing Profile looks like which is now sporting an Ambassador's badge:

I was surprised that when you hover over the word Ambassador on my profile, the cursor would return and show the merits that did bestow the Ambassador title:

I found the notes thru Search results on "What is a Postcrossing Ambassador?"

Thanks so much!!

This is your new Postcrossing Ambassador,

Friday, November 13, 2015

Works of my Winner on their CBLK Prizes

Hi and Hello, everyone!

I have been raring to do this since middle of year 2015.

I had alwasy found delight and wonder in seeing works of people, everyone or even anyone on things that I have put together for all.

I'm glad to spot on one of my CBLK 2014 Milestone Contest Winner with prize awarded last March 2015.  She's none other than Vicenta Su-ay.

She sported this works coming from the prize I've sent of sketch pad papers, Oil painting papers, watercolour papers to work or even play with.

I wasn't disappointed and I was really overjoyed to see her art unfold:

Thank you so much, Vicenta!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Letters to Santa

Hi, everyone!

I mailed off my Christmas cards / Letters to Santa Clauses around the world last November 9, 2015. 

It took me a while from creating proto-type Christmas card designs to producing 20 of these, for me to be able to write to all the Santa Clauses around the world.

The proto-type Christmas card designs came from Creo by Lady Katutz Art Card Series from my Art Series (Part II) with a theme of Christmas Forever Around the World.

I'm showing below is a summary list of Santa Claus' addresses from all over the world.  This was courtesy of a fellow postcrosser from one of the Postcrossing Facebook Groups I'm with, who enjoy writing year to year to Santa Claus, albeit for their own kids or may they be for their grandkids.

Here are photos of my Letters to Santa Christmas production topped with a few snacks from Seattle's Best Coffee:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A 2015 Creo by Lady Katutz Blogoversary Release: A Sweet Hugs Digital Kit Collaboration with Papermade by Ing

Hi, everyone!

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Month of  November 2015.

Today, November 11, 2015 is the Anniversary or Blogoversary of Creo by Lady Katutz.  Together with the birth of Ing Lim's Papermade by Ing, we release our very 1st Digital Kit Collaboration called Sweet Hugs Digital Kit Collaboration:

Sweet Hugs is a new digital kit release about Love and Sweetness.

We worked on my color palette,
shown below:

The kit if filled with lots of love in beautiful & sweet colors in hues of pink, green, blue and gray.

Start scrapping your LOs with your love ones may it be on a play date or marking and celebrating an important occasion or moment.

The Whole Collection is composed of:

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Mini Kit
10 coordinating Sweet Hugs Papers – 3 Solids & 7 Pattern Papers.   
19 coordinating Sweet Hugs Elements.

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit - 4 Pre-made Stacked Papers 

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit:
4 Pre-Made Scrapbook Page Templates 

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit - 4 Scrapbook Quickpages
3 Scrapbook Quickpage LOs & 1 Project Life Quickpage Template 

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit - 10 Scrapbook Papers

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit - 19 Elements

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit - Journal Cards
(also for Project Life complete with printables)
10 Coordinating Sweet Hugs Journaling Cards: 
(6 3x4 journaling cards & 4 4x6 journaling cards)

Sweet Hugs Digital Collab Kit - Extras
(bookmarks and a printable greeting card)

Here are Creo by Lady Katutz' Sample Layouts from the Sweet Hugs Digital Collaboration Kit:

Here are Papermade by Ing's Sample Layouts from the Sweet Hugs Digital Collaboration Kit:

Sweet Hugs Digital Kit Collab Details are as follows together with our Contact Details: