List of Biennials and International Prize Awards:

1) International Prize Tiepolo Awardee (my 1st Arte Milano award) - Milan, Italy (April 21, 2016); 2) International Prize Colosseo (Artist in History) - Brancaccio Palace - Rome, Italy (May 20, 2016); 3) Shakespeare In Art Award at the 1st Triennale in Contemporary Art - Verona, Italy (June 9-11, 2016); 4) Venice in Art (Casanova in Art Awardee) - Flangini Palace - Venice, Italy (September 17, 2016); 5) Critically Acclaimed Contemporaries at Uffizi (Contemporary Artist Awardee) - Uffizi Gallery Museum & Ximenes Palace in Florence, Italy (November 11-13, 2016); 6) International Prize Award Galileo Galilei Awardee - Pisa, Italy (January 22, 2017); 7) Awardee of International Prize Cristoforo Colombo in Genova-Genoa (an Art Explorer Awardee) - Genova Aquarium in Genova (February 16-18, 2017); 8) International Award Dante Alighierri Prize Awardee - Biennale Peschiera del Garda, Italy (April 1 2017); 9) Chosen or Cited as Top 100 International Artists for 2016 By VIDA E-Commerce Shop - (San Francisco, California, USA); 10) International Award Francisco Goya Prize Awardee - Hall of Mirrors at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain (May 6, 2017); 11) ART EXPO ROME CARAVAGGIO PRIZE: Awardee of International Award Michaelangelo de / di Caravaggio - An International Award Caravaggio Experience - Salle Del Bramante at Piazza del Popolo, Roma (May 26 - May 29, 2017); 12) Premio Internazionale Milan Art Awards Awardee (my 2nd arte milano award) - The very First International Milan Art Awards -Theater Del Verme, Milan (July 25, 2017); 13) A part of - "The Best 2017 Modern & Contemporary Artists" an Effeto Arte curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo "Premio Internazionale Berlino" with Official Presentation of Art Volume - Berlin at Franzosische Friedrichsadtkirche Georges Casalis room (September 24, 2017); 14) a part of Art Exhibition: Segnalati I in Berlin (September 2017); 15) Silver Artist Awardee of VIDA E-Commerce Voice and VIDA (dolce) Artist Discovery Showcase - San Francisco, California, USA (September 30, 2017); 16) Awardee of International Prize Award Andrea Mantegna - Biennale Mantua, Francesco Gonzaga Museum, Mantua, Italy (November 2017); 17) il Genio dell' Arte 2017 (Prize) Awardee {the Genuis in Art 2017) with Art International Contemporary Magazine (Paler{o}mo, Italy) - October 2017 release {November / December 2017 publication}; 18) a mini part with Miami meets Milano {International Art Milan / Arte Milano Exhibition} - Hotel Victor, Miami Beach, Florida, USA with El Russo and Spoleto Arte: on Biennale Milano (an Art Milan) {December 6 - 10, 2017}; 19) International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci (the Universal Artist Award) Awardee for 2018 - Borghese Palace, Florence (Firenze), Italy (January 20, 2018); 20) Biennale della Nazioni (United Nations Biennal - International Artists Awards 2018 Awardee) – Miseracordia Complex, Venice (March 16-19, 2018); 22) New Art Masters 2018 Catalogue (United Kingdom); 23) International Prize Award of Nations (Tribute to Tiziano),
Scuola Grande della Misericordia Palace in Venice (March 19, 2018); .
{-[-(--- my artisianl goals below: ---)-]-}
to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[CULINARY & BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, prepare & bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this culinary endeavour]

Kerygma Books by Shepherd's Voice Publishing


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas & New Year's Cards & Stamps (V & III resp.)

Hi, everyone!

It's New Year's Eve . . . 
I thought fit to share today 2 Holiday Cards with Holiday stamps received 2015.

Here they are:

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book of Life Pages - December 2015

Hi, everyone!

I come to the close of my Book of Life 2015
with these last 3 pages of December.

Here they are:

Topic:  My Favorite Christmas Ornament 

Topic:  A Day in December 

Topic:  Christmas Day

Monday, December 28, 2015

Las Piñas City Christmas Philatelic & Maximaphily Meet 2015

Hi, everyone!

I'm so glad that a 2nd Meet for the year with the 2 of us has transpired last December 27, 2015.  We now call ourselves the Las Piñas City Mini Group on Philately and Maximaphily.

I'm also glad to be back at a Starbucks establishment which was the very 1st coffeeshop establishment I did go decades ago when the industry of coffee proliferated in our country as or thru coffeeshops.

I would frequent Starbucks 6750 and Greenbelt in those days.  Now, we also have Starbucks in the place or city where I live, or where I'd usually go to in Las Piñas City.

Going back to our Christmas 2015 Meet.  I was able to prepare Christmas 2015 re-issuance of Christmas 2014 Maxicards as one of our Meeting Cards.  Alongside this, I also prepared a number of Postcrossing Meeting Cards for the discipline and blossoming group of philately and maximaphily with the 2 of us.

We signed our cards and chatted away . . . of this year's releases or PHLpost stamps issuances which my companion brought to the meet to share with me.  I brought along my Maxicard Collection all in an album.  She with philatelic stamps and I with my maxicard collection from around the world - London, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, India, Australia and a few of my own created maxicards here and abroad, too.

I believe my companion completed her Cory Aquino painting stamp series.  I was really at a loss and in a moment of WOW of seeing each cover, mini sheet and mint sheet completing a PHLpost stamp release collection to keep.

I wish I'd be able to visit the E-Post Shop of PHLpost someday soon to beef up my own philatelic souvenirs from PHLpost.

We enjoyed much our drink and she helped me in my Starbucks sticker collection, in the hopes of completing it for a Moleskin planner.  Who knows, after a Seattle's Best journal, a Starbucks planner may be on its way for the New Year of 2016! 

Thanks much for an APEC stamp for me to keep, Jasmin!
And I got a Starbucks Gingerbread as my take home.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Creo by Lady Katutz Contest Prizes Sent" Layout for Book of Life - Birthday Album

Hi, everyone!

I think I've finally reached the last needed and final page for my Book of Life - Birthday Album 
(in Becky Higgins paper scrapbook album).

Here is the very last page added to my Becky Higgins Book of Life Birthday Album 
(covering 2014 to 2015):

SUPPLIES CREDITS:  All About Scrapbooking, Copics, Pilot, Studio G, Michael's, other supplies from my stash.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Metal Postcards

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share with you a find in one of the bazaars that my family happened to visit.

My mom loves vintage designs and things that she bought these 2 for our home.  But the moment I saw it, I saw it as a Metal Postcard to be.  With the emergence of metal postcards in the USA this December 2015, I saw the mini metal home decors as metal postcards in the correct exact sizes of square and rectangle.

Here they are:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Finished Crossstitched Girl with Mangoes (an Amorsolo painting)

Hi, everyone!

I'm glad to share the news that my very 1st Amorsolo painting now decorates my home.

I completed crossstitching my Girl with Mangoes DMC crossstitch pattern last October 2015.  It took some time for me to prep it up for framing which includes gluing the sides, choosing meticulously the frame and inner frame or matting, and designing my hobby brand metal label that would go well with my crossstitched masterpiece.

Without further ado, here's how my Girl with Mangoes looks like:
(fresh from my framer, this Dec. 23rd of 2015)

Me and My Crossstitched Girl with Mangoes

Here's a video presentation of the making of the above project:

Merry, Merry Christmas to Proud Pinoy Stitchers! 

To the Amorsolo Foundation and DMC, thanks for making Amorsolo painting available for us stitchers to crossstitch such masterpiece!!

Merry Christmas from Brooches n Cross-stitches!!

and also Merry Christmas from,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Postcard from SantaLand in North Pole, Alaska

Hi, everyone!

I can't resist to share with you a Postcard sent by a Postcrossing Friend from Alaska now residing in the USA:

She sent me an Alaskan postcard specially designed by her being or hailing from Alaska.  She had it postmarked by Santa Claus in SantaLand which is in North Pole. 

(postmark seen at the bottom right of the back of the postcard)

The postcard was then sent from Arizona as the cancellation shows on the Charlie Brown and Peanuts postage stamps.

It felt like Santa of North Pole sent a postcard thru a friend.

Thanks both to Cecilia N. and to SantaLand for making it possible to have such added to my Letters from Santa Claus 2015 collection.

Thanks, much!!

(I sent a Christmas handmade maxicard in return to you, my friend Cecil.)

Monday, December 21, 2015

A 2015 Re-Issuance: Pasko 2014 Handmade CBLK Folded Maxicards

Hi, everyone!

This is another post on a 2015 Re-Issuance of Pasko 2014 Creo by Lady Katutz' Handmade Folded Maxicards.

I've captured them in a video to show here:

First Day of Issue: December 15, 2015
Las Piñas Central Post Office

The video shows the front and the back part of each kind of the Pasko 2014 Folded Maxicards.

Proper care was taken in the stamping the cancellation of each maxicard.  This is to protect the embossed part of the handmade card.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A 2015 Re-Issuance: Pasko 2014 Handmade CBLK Maxicards

Hi, everyone!

This is the very 1st year that I took to answer requests for the Re-Issuance of Creo by Lady Katutz' Pasko 2014 Maxicard Collection.

I thought not possible, until I realized that Las Piñas Central Post Office has a number of Pasko 2014 stamp sheets available for my procurement.  (I remember very well, how we chided and talked about a possible re-issuance with the Las Piñas Central Post Office personnel with the proddings of the postmaster at the time she was holding office at LPCPO before her transfer.)

Now, I thought it possible to make the project underway as early as October 2014.

I compiled the photos of the Pasko 2014 Creo by Lady Katutz' handmade maxicards re-issued this 2015, into a video, for your viewing:

First Day of Issue: December 15, 2015
Las Piñas Central Post Office

Uptmost care has been exercised in postmarking to take care of the embossed nature of the hadmade maxicards.  It did render a cancelled maxicard but the postmark is not as readable as to the P.O. name and the country.

I'll be sending off 1 set of these via postcrossing thru

Merry Christmas to all and to the Maximaphily Commission, Association and Groups!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Letter from Santa in Canada


Here I am sharing a post on my 2nd letter reply from Santa Claus.  This time from Santa Claus in Canada.

Here is the Santa Claus Cover received last December 15, 2015:
I like the Santa Claus postmark cancellation so much!!

Below is the Letter contained inside the Santa Claus Cover:

Raring to receive 16 more Santa Claus Covers and Letter replies from Santa.  My countdown begins!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

with much love this Holiday Season,

Friday, December 18, 2015

Letter from Pere Noel (Santa) from France

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share the very 1st of 2 Letters from Santa.  Must I say Letter Replies from Santa Claus?

Anyway, the very 1st one of 2 received December 15, 2015, is the Letter from Pere Noel from France:

I was esctatic to receive such sealed Pere Noel cover above from my P.O. Box.

And here is the content of the above sealed Cover:
It is a letter written in French with an English language translation.

With the above is a Coloring Activity Page for an Artist like me who happens to dabble a bit in Coloring as a Creative Kolorista:

(pardon me if the scan of the above coloring activity page is not clear)

Here's my Colored page utilizing Faber Castell markers:
completed on the day upon receipt of Letter from Pere Noel
(completed: December 15, 2015 at 5pm)

I'll be posting more Letter replies from Santa as soon as I received them.

I felt like a young kid again receiving such letter from Santa Claus from another country.

It's a start of a Merry, Merry Christmas Holiday Season for year 2015!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Complete Kaboodle Doodles Book (Set of 2)

Hi, everyone!

I'm on a roll closing the year 2015.
This is my 2nd post on Completed Set of Books designed and printed by Creo by Lady Katutz for communities.

Today's post is on the Set of 2 Kaboodle Doodles Book completed this year 2015.

Since, I took helm of Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog in year 2012, I have been working and designing books on the side for the challenge blog.

In so far, I'm a little proud to say, I've completed 2 books for the years I'm administrator of Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog from June 2013 up to March 2014.  These are encapsulated in the 2 Books I've printed for Kaboodle Doodles, in the world of self-publishing.

Here they are:

 Kaboodle Doodles Book I (2012)

First Release: 2013
3 Copies printed with only 1 copy available: 
64-page book {limited edition book}

First Release: 2014
3 Copies printed (improved and completed version) with 
2 copies available: 68-page book {limited edition}

Kaboodle Doodles Book II (2013-2014)

Released: 2015
3 Copies printed: 96-page book {limited edition book}

Bon Vivant, Kaboodle Doodles!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Complete Filipino Scrapbookers Book (Set of 3)

Hi, everyone!

As year 2015 is bound to close this December 31st,
I'm proud to say that
Creo by Lady Katutz Designs has completed
the Set of 3 Filipino Scrapbookers Books.

I believe, it is fitting as I had completely stepped down from my post as Administrator of Filipino Scrapbookers Club and the Filipino Scrapbookers.  I'm glad to have served the community since year 2011 up to the printing of the 3rd book of the Set of 3 this year 2015.

This is also to promote the world of self-publishing on the side.

Here they are:

Filipino Scrapbookers Book I

First release: 2013

9 Copies printed: 32-page book {limited edition book}

Second release: 2014
3 Copies printed - improved version
2 COPIES AVAILABLE of the 40-page book {limited edition} 

 Filipino Scrapbookers Book II

First release: 2013
6 Copies printed with only 1 copy available: 
56-page book {limited edition book}

Second release: 2014

3 Copies printed (improved and completed version) with 
2 copies available: 72-page book {limited edition}

Filipino Scrapbookers III

Released: 2015
3 Copies printed with 2 copies available: 
128-page book {limited edition}

Bon Vivant, Filipino Scrapbookers!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Guest On Spotlight: Louise Gannon-Forsyth of Southern Girls Challenge Blog

Hi, everyone!

I'm introducing a Scrapbooker on Creo by Lady Katutz' Guests On Spotlight.

My very 5th Guest on Spotlight is my former Boss, a co-Administrator at SGC, none other than our well-loved Lou of Southern Girls Challenge (SGC) Blog.  She works together with co-Administrator Tracy Jackson.

I've worked both with Lou and Tracy for 1 year from September 6, 2012 to September 5, 2013.  I worked mainly as their Design Team Member for paper traditional scrapbook layouts. From producing or creating scrapbook layouts to scrapbook LOs for Southern Girls, it was a fun design team member stint for me to be with them.

My work with Lou and the Southern Girls team helped me transition from paper traditional scrapbook LOs to mixed media layouts.  The clean lines are still there but my layouts were not as simple anymore.  It is indeed, a very nice team for me to transition with in my scrapbook art.

I also worked for them as a semi-Creative Writer, working my paper layouts with US online magazine.

Below are the prepared questions and her corresponding answers to each:  
I hope you get to know her thru this post of mine about her.

9 Short Questions and 1 Wrap-It Question:

1.  I would like to know your complete / full name and what you do.
Louise Gannon-Forsyth

2.  How did you get started in your craft?

I started Scrapbooking when I pregnant with my oldest son in 2005

3.  Where there previous or other arts and crafts that you delved with or are currently enjoying?

I took art at high school and did a bit of sewing but that was the extent of my crafting or Arty ness

4.  Do you have hidden crafts that you like and enjoy by yourself?

I enjoy lots of crafts and they are all hidden in the spare room, including my scrapbooking and cardmaking wink emoticon They include art journaling, sewing and beading.

5.  Amongst your crafts, which one did struck gold and became your main stint?  How did it help you?

I always return to scrapbooking when I hit a slump with my other crafts as I love that my kids enjoy looking at the albums.

6.  How many years have you been dealing with your craft?  Or with each of your crafts?

I have been scrapbooking for 10 years and cardmaking for 8. The others I am not too sure, the art journalling maybe 2?

7.  What is your main motivation or inspiration for indulging with your craft?

to be honest I have had so much going on with life in general that at the moment it is DT commitments or I probably wouldn't be crafting at all right now.

8.  Five years before, where were you in your craft?  Five years from now, what do you envision for your craft?

Who knows where i will be in 5 years, one thing I am sure of though I will have been kicked out of my warm sunny room into the dreary little office on the otherside of the house to make room for growing, hormonal teenagers.

9.  What are your major breakthroughs and milestones in relation to your craft or in the industry you are with?

Still waiting for a break through, maybe one day I will put something forward for publication that would be pretty awesome.

10.  Describe yourself and your craft in one short phrase, word or sentence.

One sentence or word - how about 3.... ECLECTIC and MESSY.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Invited as an Apparel Designer for VIDA E-Commerce

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share the wonderful news . . . 

I received an email December 3, 2015 from VIDA E-Commerce with main office located in San Francisco, California, USA.  It was an invitation to be one of their VIDA Designers.  I have yet to prove my worth to garner the title and become a VIDA Voice of the Google supported Fashion Shop by starting or having my very 1st approved product launch under them.

Here's the text of the invitation coursed thru email:

I did neglect or didn't see the clause of NO TEXT on designs to be submitted, nevertheless I submitted my very 1st set of designs which are my Art works belonging to my Art Series (Part I and Part II) under Creo by Lady Katutz.  These are 3 designs which became 6 items in my submissions.  These designs have no text but have wordarts instead.

I have compiled and accumulated an art series per theme comprising Part I and Part II with Creo by Lady Katutz for the past 2 years besides working as a scrapbook artist both paper and digital category.   I deemed appropriate to submit these with the hopes of having my artwork on apparel with VIDA E-Commerce.

Here are my designs on VIDA E-commerce models:
(a set of 2 per artwork or design)

Below are 2 sets which belongs to my Sweet Life Collection
(a part of my Art Series Part I of Creo by Lady Katutz)

silk tee and modal scarf 

silk tee and modal scarf

Below is a set which belongs to my Season's Greetings Collection
(a part of my Art Series Part II of Creo by Lady Katutz)

silk sleeveless tee and a regular silk tee

I hope to submit more designs for VIDA E-Commerce for approval in the hopes to have a product launch under my name as a VIDA Designer.

Wish me Luck!!