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Saturday, July 27, 2013

On joining . . . Postcrossing.com

I would have wanted to share the news of
my joining Postcrossing.com with
a blogpost complete with a photo of
my 1st postcard received as a postcrosser
from the site.

I've joined last week of June 2013 only a few
days after I joined atcsforall.

Had it not dawned upon me that my mailing address
had only been sent out to a random postcrosser only
after I received confirmation that 1 of my sent postcards
had been acknowledged received in the Postcrossing.com system,
it would have taken more time for me to share this news to everyone.

For now, I only have to share photos of the 
1st batch of 5 postcards I've sent.

I have to admit that I did hoard the postcards depicting
anything Filipiniana at the nearest Papelmelrotti store.

It was the first thought I had when I entered the store
specifically when I saw the postcard design.

I would have gone to Intramuros granted mobility and
convenience of transport is given and granted going on
with a relaxed  . . . non-stressed disposition . . . 
to look for specialty postcards.

Now, wondering where else could I find postcards that
would be a delight to my fellow postcrossers I'll be
sending postcards too. . . 

So far, the above designed postcards above are still
within the specifics of the postcrossers I've randomly
been assigned to send to.

Started to worry about where to find more variety of
specialty postcards when I received an offer for a direct postcard swap 
with special requests for postcards for me to send.

Wish me luck!!  . . .


1 comment:

  1. wow i love those postcards. pwede pa exchange tayo with uae nman akin. :)