List of Biennials and International Prize Awards:

1) International Prize Tiepolo Awardee (my 1st Arte Milano award) - Milan, Italy (April 21, 2016); 2) International Prize Colosseo (Artist in History) - Brancaccio Palace - Rome, Italy (May 20, 2016); 3) Shakespeare In Art Award at the 1st Triennale in Contemporary Art - Verona, Italy (June 9-11, 2016); 4) Venice in Art (Casanova in Art Awardee) - Flangini Palace - Venice, Italy (September 17, 2016); 5) Critically Acclaimed Contemporaries at Uffizi (Contemporary Artist Awardee) - Uffizi Gallery Museum & Ximenes Palace in Florence, Italy (November 11-13, 2016); 6) International Prize Award Galileo Galilei Awardee - Pisa, Italy (January 22, 2017); 7) Awardee of International Prize Cristoforo Colombo in Genova-Genoa (an Art Explorer Awardee) - Genova Aquarium in Genova (February 16-18, 2017); 8) International Award Dante Alighierri Prize Awardee - Biennale Peschiera del Garda, Italy (April 1 2017); 9) Chosen or Cited as Top 100 International Artists for 2016 By VIDA E-Commerce Shop - (San Francisco, California, USA); 10) International Award Francisco Goya Prize Awardee - Hall of Mirrors at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain (May 6, 2017); 11) ART EXPO ROME CARAVAGGIO PRIZE: Awardee of International Award Michaelangelo de / di Caravaggio - An International Award Caravaggio Experience - Salle Del Bramante at Piazza del Popolo, Roma (May 26 - May 29, 2017); 12) Premio Internazionale Milan Art Awards Awardee (my 2nd arte milano award) - The very First International Milan Art Awards -Theater Del Verme, Milan (July 25, 2017); 13) A part of - "The Best 2017 Modern & Contemporary Artists" an Effeto Arte curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo "Premio Internazionale Berlino" with Official Presentation of Art Volume - Berlin at Franzosische Friedrichsadtkirche Georges Casalis room (September 24, 2017); 14) a part of Art Exhibition: Segnalati I in Berlin (September 2017); 15) Silver Artist Awardee of VIDA E-Commerce Voice and VIDA (dolce) Artist Discovery Showcase - San Francisco, California, USA (September 30, 2017); 16) Awardee of International Prize Award Andrea Mantegna - Biennale Mantua, Francesco Gonzaga Museum, Mantua, Italy (November 2017); 17) il Genio dell' Arte 2017 (Prize) Awardee {the Genuis in Art 2017) with Art International Contemporary Magazine (Paler{o}mo, Italy) - October 2017 release {November / December 2017 publication}; 18) a mini part with Miami meets Milano {International Art Milan / Arte Milano Exhibition} - Hotel Victor, Miami Beach, Florida, USA with El Russo and Spoleto Arte: on Biennale Milano (an Art Milan) {December 6 - 10, 2017}; 19) International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci (the Universal Artist Award) Awardee for 2018 - Borghese Palace, Florence (Firenze), Italy (January 20, 2018); 20) Biennale della Nazioni (United Nations Biennal - International Artists Awards 2018 Awardee) – Miseracordia Complex, Venice (March 16-19, 2018); International Prize Award of Nations (Tribute to Tiziano),
Scuola Grande della Misericordia Palace in Venice (March 19, 2018); 21) New Art Masters 2018 Catalogue (United Kingdom), only waiting now for the catalogue's release with; 22) Premio Canaletto Awardee (one of the 15 awardees) – Spoleto Pavillion, Venezia (May 29, 2018); 23) International Prize Raffaello Awardee 2018 - Bologna, Italy (May 4, 2018); 24) International Prize Guilio Cesare Awardee 2018 - Velli Palace, Rome (July 7, 2018); 25) European Art Museum 2017 artists for 2018 - EAM, Denmark (year 2018).

{-[-(--- my artisianl goals below: ---)-]-}
to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[CULINARY & BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, prepare & bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this culinary endeavour]

Kerygma Books by Shepherd's Voice Publishing


Friday, October 31, 2014

Postcards Received and Sent - October 28 - 29, 2014


 Sharing photos of postcards received and sent from October 28 to 29, 2014, as follows: 

 October 28, 2014
postcard received:

old historic buildings in Deventer, Netherlands &
statue of Albert Schweitzer
- postcrossing postcard


October 29, 2014
postcards received:

 - handmade collage postcard from Ukraine with Europa stamps thru an RR
- Christmas postcard from Taiwan thru a Christmas postcard swap
- Zodiac sign Aries postcard from Shanghai, China thru a swap
- MAP card from Moscow, Russia thru a MAP RR
- MAP card from Jakarta, Indonesia thru a MAP RR
- postcrossing postcard from Saarbrucken, Germany (official card)
- Halloween postcard from USA thru a Holiday cards RR
- Halloween postcard from Germany thru a Holiday cards RR
- Christmas postcard from the USA thru a Christmas postcard swap

Christmas folded card sent:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Assortment of Souvenir Sheets and Corrected Kaboodle Doodles Stamp Sheet Design

Hi, everyone!

I think I've completed my Collection
for Creo by Lady Katutz Milestone Year
this year.

Here's the last installment of my designed
Souvenir Sheets
the corrected stamp sheet
for Kaboodle Doodles:

 Let's Get Scrappy Souvenir Sheet
to commemorate my Let's Get Scrappy Blog; 
also for CBLK & CBLKD Milestone Year
in 4 in. x 6 in

Creo by Lady Katutz Souvenir Sheet
for CBLK and CBLKD Milestone Year
in 4 in. x 6 in

 Filipino Scrapbookers Souvenir Sheet
for the Filipino Scrapbookers; CBLK & CBLKD Milestone Year
in 6 in. x 8 in

 Kaboodle Doodless Souvenir Sheet
for Kaboodle Doodles; CBLK & CBLKD Milestone Year
in 6 in. x 8 in

Philippine Crafters Association Souvenir Sheet
for Philippine Crafters Association; 
CBLK & CBLKD Milestone Year
in 6 in. x 8 in


corrected Kaboodle Doodles Stamp Sheet

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Postcard Received - October 24, 2014


Sharing photo of postcard received
October 24, 2014:

Hedgehog cartoon character
of Minsk, Belarus

postcard from Belarus

Monday, October 27, 2014

My First Handmade Cards Up for Grabs


I would like to share that
I have transferred from Present Project,
the Facebook Page I'm with together with Aileen (Mai) Garcia
which offers Products and Services,
to Creo by Lady Katutz.

I've been offering cards and baked goodies at Present Project in year 2012 and both of us had stopped offering for year 2013.

With my current activities under Postcrossing
and aside from my published and printed postcards,
I'd like to offer handmade cards as well for swaps and for those interested for the holiday season as gifts to friends for their writing essentials and needs.

Here are photos of my folded cards being offered:

Here they are all bundled up:

Wishing for a Merry Christmas Holiday Season!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Postcards Sent and Received - October 22, 2014


Sharing photos of postcards sent and received
October 22, 2014:

postcards received and
registry return receipts received:
 - Handmade card from Shenyang, China (Handmade card RR)
- Postcrossing Cologne Meet-Up Card (Meet-Up Card RR)
- Cologne Meet-Up Card (Meet-Up Card RR)
- Collage Handmade Card from Russia (Handmade Card Group RR)
- Handmade Card No theme from Russia (Handmade Card Group RR)


Christmas Cards sent thru Holiday Cards Group RR

 Christmas Folded Cards RR

 Christmas Postcards RR
Thank you Cards sent


OCTOBER 22, 2014:  the very day that I held a 2nd postmarker and sat at a post office personnel's chair to do postmarking and cancellations on the postage stamps on my Christmas cards and postcards.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Postcards Received - October 21, 2014

Sharing this time photos of postcards received
October 21, 2014:

postcrossing postcards:
- Windmills image of Holland
- Old Temple of LU-KANG from China

Friday, October 24, 2014

Postcards Received - October 20, 2014


Sharing a photo of postcards received
October 20, 2014:

postcards received:
- Cidade Marvilhosa (Monumento do Cristo Redentor) from  Brazil (thru swap)
- An Indonesian Terimakasih card from Indonesia (thru swap)
- a handmade card from USA (thru handmade card RR)
- Meet-Up Card from Chengdu, China (thru Meet-Up RR)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hungarian Runes, Postcards and ATCs Sent and Received - October 17, 2014

Hi, everyone!

I'm back to sharing photos of postcards and atcs sent and received - October 17, 2014:

postcards received for the day above
- envelope of ballet cards from Russia (thru a swap)
- Bali Indonesia card from Indonesia (thru a swap)
- handmade card from Russia (thru a handmade postcard RR)
- MAP card from Deutschland (thru a MAP RR)
- Sphinx on the Egyptian bridge from Russia (Art RR Group)
- 4 seasons card from Finland (postcrossing postcard)
- Russian Famous rulers from Russia (postcrossing postcard)
- mutli-view card from a spa-town in Germany (postcrossing postcard)
- illustrative card from Russia (postcrossing postcard)
- Warswa view card from Poland (postcrossing postcard)
- friendship card of Famous Temple of Amritsar from India (thru a swap)
- Hungarian runes Cella Septichora postcard from Hungary (broadcast swap)
- Monument of Tomb of Kong (Art Group RR)

 atcs received thru a private trade

Hungarian runes postcards sent to me says:

"Hi, Kathleen

Yreetings from hungary.
I hope you like this UNESCO card from Pecs.
Have a nice day.



Postcards sent:

 thru facebook swap

 thru a RR
of Halloween cards

 thru a RR
of Halloween Cards

 thru a RR
of Halloween cards

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My 7th Batch of Published Postcards

It took time for me to share photos of my 2nd to the last postcards published and printed.  Here's sharing the photos of the next 3 postcards:

digital art on a postcard
"In the Stillness of Life" - regular postcard and maxicard
digital design initially created for the Filipino Challenge Blog as owner, admin, sketch team member and Design Team member on May 29, 2013.
Postcard printed to commemorate and celebrate CBLKD's Milestone Year 2014.
Also a tribute to Filipino Scrapbookers.
Special thanks to Jessica Designers, VJS Designs, Mye De Leon Designs.

digital art on a postcard
"Merry Christmas, Santa!" - regular postcard
digital design initially created for Sunny Side Up Creations Challenge Blog under Nanette van der Veen as her Design Team member on July 9, 2012.
Postcard printed to commemorate and celebrate CBLKD's Milestone Year 2014.
Special thanks to Lettering Delights.

digital art on a postcard
"Valentine's Day" - regular postcard
digital design initially created for the joint Filipino Scrapbookers Club and Philippine Crafters Association's Swap activity as admin and activity host and coordinator.
Postcard printed to commemorate and celebrate CBLKD's Milestone Year 2014.
Also a tribute to the Filipino Scrapbookers and Philippine Crafters Association.
Special thanks to Nancie Rowe Janitz Designs and Echo Park.

For personal use and not for commercial use of now.

Completed October 16, 2014

I still have one last set of postcards to share photos of.
My last printed (I think) for this year 2014.

I'd like to say special thanks to:

Inspiredbydominic Designs
Nick P. Rodis

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Exhibit: Karayom Masterpieces at iba pa . . .

Hi, everyone!

I'm glad to be sharing today news of the upcoming gallery exhibit of various Amorsolo paintings reproduced into crossstitch masterpieces for everyone.  Not only Amorsolo masterpieces but also Baldemor paintings into crossstitch masterpieces.

The exhibit opens on November 5, 2014
at LRI Plaza, Makati City

An Invitation:


As I visited Dreams, Makati City in Glorietta 5.
I saw Amorsolo and Baldemor crossstitch pieces all ready in black frame setting.  I was in awe of the huge masterpieces in front of me.  I was literally gaping at the 2 pieces:  the Fernando Amorsolo's Countryside in Oil in crossstitch reproduction and Manuel Baldemor's Good Harvest.  

To add to the eye candy was a masterpiece Hardanger of an Advent Calendar done in Christmas tree form how we used to love our Advent Calendars in papercrafting in Christmas trees.

I was silently and intently looking at each of the 3 works and couldn't help but marvel at such work and craftiness of the finish and presentation.

I could only guess how the presentors at the Karayom Masterpieces will mesmerize the patrons of Amorsolo and Baldemor works and needlecrafters in the country.

I felt my life as an accountant and as an auditor or the remaining lifeblood breathing accounting terms and concepts and accountancy frameworks was suddenly dead.

I'm all out for the Arts and Crafts Sector now, still keeping in mind that I'll still try to continue to do my personal accounting of my personal expenses and savings.  That is now what will be left of what I am as an accounting professional.

A full-time hobbyist turned artist.  I'm spreading my wings again to indulge not on papercraft arts or other more craft art, digital art and now to add needlecraft art aside from canvas art.

I ask for guidance in this heartfelt decision.  The accountant in me still resides but no special feeling to my profession is felt by me anymore.  The happiness with numbers, the love for accounting terms and concepts is now diminished.

I hope I can still be all of what I was but then change is always inevitable as a Mood is always temporary.

Sharing now a movie of my project with 3 Certificates tucked in for me to work with and more with Amorsolo and Baldemor works.  I guess to add to these will be Creo by Lady Katutz works in crossstitch patterns.

Wish me good luck and happiness . . . 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Re-furbishing / Improving Artist's Trays

Hi, everyone!

This took me sometime before I could compose myself and share a post here about my recently discovered Artist's Trays.

My Artist's trays has been with me since year 2011 after my very 1st class attended with Ms. Iris Babao-Uy.  I fell in love with the Sample Artist Tray she has up for her workshop at Lasting Impressions, Little Baguio, San Juan {here in my country}.

The next one, I fell in love with the wonderful bold colors of her 2nd artist tray with class kit available also thru her workshop which was held at the same scrapbook store at Lasting Impressions in San Juan.  This time I wasn't able to attend her class but I was glad to be accorded and allowed to purchase her class kit.

I have kept these 2 White House Artist's Trays with me together with my one and only 7Gypsies Printer's Artist Tray.  It is only this year 2014 that I was able to half-ly re-arrange my craft room and had space for a side table to display the 2 White House Artist Trays.  I still have my 7Gypsies printer's tray in hiding as I want it to be hanging on the wall near the said side table of mine - a showcase of trays.

However, this month of October after having my 2 trays on display, I accidentally bumped my side table which caused one of the trays to fall and had one of the picket fence fell off from the tray too.  Much to my dismay, I saw a lot of different finishing touches on my artist tray . . . different from how I completed it in year 2011 and 2012.  

It was an unfortunate coincidence that my Uncle was rushed to the Emergency Room on the very night my artist trays came dislodged.  I'm glad my Uncle made it home the day after early in the morning and is now doing well at home, according to my mom.

I guess it was a sign and to give thanksgiving for such averted mishap or any more unfortunate circumstances, I decided to improve the 2 artist trays and repair the embellishments that came off.

Here are the finished artist's trays:



- I noticed the photos differ as they're not in color photos anymore but in sepia and in black and white.  Just how I originally had hoped to have done my original tray.  But then the total look of the tray upon inspection showed much tonal value done in floral design.  It's much loneliness that I felt the need to add pizazz and jazz up the White House Artist tray.

- my key embellishments turned into paper whereas it is all metal vintage key.


- I added lots of glitter stars, lots of mini flowers, the portion on the tray with the missing white lace (in my original tray) was changed to paper with very thin lace - I just added more glitter gold stars on that area.

- I added stem embellishments to be the backdrop of certain areas which I added flowers.

- I added trimmings of fuschia pink and mustard abaca twines to accentuate each individual partition that has a lack of ooomppph

For Further Improvements:

- I want to add big decorative pearls on each individual partition with a sprinkling of mini decorative pearls.  A few more mini flowers on the center but that is optional as it looks good as it is now.



- I noticed the photos HAS been dislodged or unglued.  It was as if the center partition came undone or was placed as temporary.  Certain partitions were not plastered flatly or have creases unlike the original I created.  The developed photos are indeed in color and yet the solo photos suddenly has black borders that I need to temper the dark color that eminates from the 2 partitions.  Yes, the photos were emphasized and yet the total look needs to be livened up.
- brush strokes on the paint on the katcha or cheesecloth like buffer on the roof of the White House tray are very evident unlike the original I did which I saw to it that the brushstrokes aren't emphasized but only dabs and whiffs of color are shown.  I noticed 2 colors were applied whereas I only applied on the original only one shade of color.

- a few more cloth flower embellishments were noticed.


- I added lines of glitter green trims to lessen the black bordered photos.

- I re-positioned the picket fence on the center bottom partition instead of returning it on the center left.

- I had the left side where the picket fence fell off replaced with one of my fussy cut flower embellishments from MM

- I fixed the temporary center photo permanently.

For Further Improvements:

- I want to add another cream picket fence on the top left partition if it won't appear looking like a big signage of "Keep Away" making it 3 partitions with a picket fence.  A picket fence with the same cloth flower embellishment adorned on the one side of it.


That's all folks! 
My re-furbishing and improvements done on my Artist's trays.
It seems or felt like I have done a lot of artist's trays whether improving them or re-creating them from my own.  {sigh}

Must be a 'delirio' on my on Artist's Tray LOL {sigh}

Have a Nice Day, everyone!!

Happy to have you well again, Uncle!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Days of Sam: An Album of Birthdays


I've just finished work on another commissioned album piece for a new online friend Leda of Stitch Crossing.  She asked for a 2nd Mini Scrapbook Album, this time to help her document her son Sam's growing up years.

I alloted out of the 25 pages, 16 decorated pages for her son's yearly birthdays with a page a year for her to do showing and documenting that particular year's birthday of her son.

It's a first for me (with Leda) to create masculine commissioned albums which was also a challenge for me at the same time, it was a fun and enjoyable number of days spent papercrafting, embellishing, and creating art pages or you may call the pages of the 1st album (I've shown previously) as mixed media pages.  This 2nd album I'm showing you have pages I call as art pages to be completely filled up year after year by Leda of her son Sam's wonderful birthday celebrations.

Here's a video of the album created for her and her son: