[PAPER & DIGITAL CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this baking endeavour]

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1st CONTEST at Creo by Lady Katutz


Hi, everyone!  I don’t know where and how to start as I don’t usually host a contest for my own milestone.  I had been a challenge blog admin or challenge host on various venues here and abroad, locally and internationally.  It’s but fitting in my own recall but yet it is admittedly uncomfortable for me to act on the idea that had been in my mind since my first blogoversary.

I have been conducting blog hops every blogoversary for every international challenge blog of scrapbookin community I have been with.  This time it is for my very own personal crafting blog.

I’m admitting now that I did forego conducting the same on my very own 1st blogoversary here at Creo by Lady Katutz in year 2012 of November.  I guess this is to commemorate lots of my hardwork that I usually see as pure fun and an activity to while my days.  This is for my 1st, 2nd and now 3rd Creo by Lady Katutz blogoversary.  And I know, it was called for that I do a 1st blogoversary contest with My very 1st scrapping and scrapbooking personal hobby blog, my “Let’s Get Scrappy”, which I refused or failed to do in year 2012.

Aside from the above it’s my Rubieth year as I celebrate my 40th birthday this year 2014.  I had been posting my month of April celebration.  Thank you for my family and relatives who did organized such an intimate and special lunch at the very special place I so remember roaming around during my junior years as a practicing Certified Public Accountant.  Thank you!!!  Now here I am doing as what I owe primarily to myself and my blog.

MECHANICS: (Open for happy participants in any part of the world, reachable by our regular post offices, for international participants, and couriers for local Philippine participants)

Create any project with the following themes for me and my Creo by Lady Katutz:
1.       A birthday project in a layout, a handmade card, an altered art or any out-of-the page project that you may think of.  These can be in paper, in canvas or digital/hybrid in nature.  Please make sure to have your digital projects printed and sent to my address.  And also your canvas and paper projects to be done, completed and sent to my address for me to keep, as I won’t be doing the same activity after this.
2.       A blogoversary project, in short an anniversary project, may these be in a layout, handmade card, altered art or any out-of-the page project.  These can be in paper, in canvas or digital/hybrid in nature.  You may choose which of the following blogoversary years to show in your project:
a.       Creo by Lady Katutz – 1st blogoversary for November 11, 2012 to commemorate
b.      Creo by Lady Katutz – 2nd blogoversary for November 11, 2013 to commemorate
c.       Creo by Lady Katutz – 3rd blogoversary for this year November 11, 2014
d.      Let’s Get Scrappy – 1st blogoversary for January 23, 2012 to commemorate
3.       A linky tool via Inlinkz.com is provided at the bottom of this Contest posting.  YOU MAY LINK UP PHOTOS OF YOUR ENTRIES, thru your own BLOG, OPEN FACEBOOK ALBUM, FLICKR GALLERY, and OPEN INSTAGRAM ALBUMS. Link up THE photos of your projects before sending them over to me, in the mailing address or courier office address provided.  I will open the contest up to January 11, 2015 (originally at November 2nd of 2014, though my 4th blogoversary falls on November 11, 2014) with winners announced on my birthday next year in April 2015.  I'll be extending for another year with Inlinkz.com. . . hopefully with the help of blog readers, followers and participants. 


I worked out and obtained a P.O. Box at Las Piñas City Post Office thru Philpost starting today April 23, 2014 - for one year only for the purpose of this celebration, unless extended by my P.O.  It's the biggest P.O. Box size my Philpost branch has.  The box can accomodate greeting cards - handmade and digitally printed, 6x6 layouts, 8x8 layouts and 8x11 layouts.  Here's my new P.O. address:

Kathleen B. Hernandez
P.O Box # 249
Las Piñas Central Post Office
1740 Las Piñas City, Metro Manila

For those within the Philippines, I have previously asked LBC to be my central depository of packages should this even arise. Ifever, I'll be picking-up all packages sent from within the Philippines from LBC or 2GO Express (both SM Center Las Piñas Courier Branch Outlets).
Kathleen B. Hernandez
LBC Express
Space No. WS 9 & WS 10
SM Center Las Piñas
Alabang-Zapote Road,
Brgy. Talon Dos, Las Piñas City 


Kathleen B. Hernandez
G/F SM Center - Las Piñas
Alabang-Zapote Rd.
Brgy. Talon Dos, Las Piñas City

Those who know me personally and have kept my home address, you may send directly your projects to my house address. Thank you very, very and oh so much!!  


Prizes below are courtesy of me, Kath of Creo by Lady Katutz, with sources from bookstores near me with whom I’m a patron of:

(SERIES OF 3-atc Entry) 
5 Ultra Pro (Platinum Series) sheets or pages of 9-atc pocket sleeve page
5 Ultra Pro (Platinum Series) sheets or pages of 4-atc pocket sleeve page
2 different note cards from Peter Pauper Press, Inc. as follows:
(1 pc Butterflies & 1 pcs Birdcage note cards with envelope)

(with submission of best 3-pc postcard set or
self-published postcards or a Maxicard)
1 Nostalgia notebook from Little Town School and Office Supply to keep track of your postcrossing activities such as postmark stamps or Maxi card activities or regular postcrossing activities of keeping track postage stamps collection with 1 Philippine pocket mini album with ring from Korben Corporation's Papelmelroti

(with submission of best handmade card)
1 Colorbok card kit with 1 Korben Corporation's Papelmelroti Philippines pocket mini album with ring

(with submission of best altered art or recycled art or any out-of-the page project)
1 EnoGreetings paper kit (photo shown below) with
an assortment of a couple of blank sheets of the following:
  1. Sheets from a Berkeley Watercolor Pad
  2. Sheets from an Oil Painting (Professional Series) Pad
  3. Sheets from a Canson Sketch Pad (ideal for pencil, charcoal and pastel)

(with submission of best LO or page layout project)
1 EnoGreetings mini book kit with 1 Mini 7x10cm of 64 pages Victoria's Journal Lined Paper Notebook

(to view: My Sample Mini Book from the Kit Article)

For my Various Mini Book Kit published tutorials:
Mini Book Project III at Scrapbooking.com (April 2014)
Mini Book Project II at Scrapbooking.com (March 2014) 
Mini Book Project I at Scrapbooking.com (February 2014) 
(previous photo shown before are front and back parts of 
One (1) Mini Book Kit by EnoGreetings) 

(with submission of best Project Life Project based on categories mentioned above, whether in Pocket Life Scrapping Style or any known style or technique)
1 year's worth of DIY Pocket Life Scrapping
minus the fillers and cards:
-  20 Ultra Pro Premium 9-pocket life sleeves per page
-  10 Ultra Pro Premium 4-pocket life sleeves per page
- 1 pack of SeaGull letter-size protector clear sheets
- 2 pcs. Eagle expandable clear sheets/pages
- 1 piece Eagle yellow envelope binder page
- optional binder (for local winners for now): 
Project Life binder in Creo by Lady Katutz' color motif 
{looking into a few pieces of own-designed filler cards as bonus items}
(to view: My Pocket Life Scrapbook Pages)   

(with submission of best Smash Book Folio Project based on categories mentioned above, whether in a DIY Smash Notebook, a K&Co. Smash Folio or any Smash Album)

- K&Co. mini Smash Folio
- Korben Corporation's Papelmelroti's Mini ring album
- K&Co. Mini Smash Pad
{ to view sample of my DIY Smash Notebook, click, HERE. }

Thank you and a HAPPY AND MERRY 2014 to all!!

You may send me an email at ladykatuts@yahoo.com for those serious inquiries only.


CONTEST ENDS: JANUARY 11, 2015 (2-months after the 4th Blog Anniversary)
ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS: APRIL 3, 2015 (for all Categories)

NOTE:  Link up photos of your projects before sending them over to me.

For those Interested also in an InLinkz Gadget: (just click the InLinkz button below)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Re-furbishing / Improving Artist's Trays

Hi, everyone!

This took me sometime before I could compose myself and share a post here about my recently discovered Artist's Trays.

My Artist's trays has been with me since year 2011 after my very 1st class attended with Ms. Iris Babao-Uy.  I fell in love with the Sample Artist Tray she has up for her workshop at Lasting Impressions, Little Baguio, San Juan {here in my country}.

The next one, I fell in love with the wonderful bold colors of her 2nd artist tray with class kit available also thru her workshop which was held at the same scrapbook store at Lasting Impressions in San Juan.  This time I wasn't able to attend her class but I was glad to be accorded and allowed to purchase her class kit.

I have kept these 2 White House Artist's Trays with me together with my one and only 7Gypsies Printer's Artist Tray.  It is only this year 2014 that I was able to half-ly re-arrange my craft room and had space for a side table to display the 2 White House Artist Trays.  I still have my 7Gypsies printer's tray in hiding as I want it to be hanging on the wall near the said side table of mine - a showcase of trays.

However, this month of October after having my 2 trays on display, I accidentally bumped my side table which caused one of the trays to fall and had one of the picket fence fell off from the tray too.  Much to my dismay, I saw a lot of different finishing touches on my artist tray . . . different from how I completed it in year 2011 and 2012.  

It was an unfortunate coincidence that my Uncle was rushed to the Emergency Room on the very night my artist trays came dislodged.  I'm glad my Uncle made it home the day after early in the morning and is now doing well at home, according to my mom.

I guess it was a sign and to give thanksgiving for such averted mishap or any more unfortunate circumstances, I decided to improve the 2 artist trays and repair the embellishments that came off.

Here are the finished artist's trays:



- I noticed the photos differ as they're not in color photos anymore but in sepia and in black and white.  Just how I originally had hoped to have done my original tray.  But then the total look of the tray upon inspection showed much tonal value done in floral design.  It's much loneliness that I felt the need to add pizazz and jazz up the White House Artist tray.

- my key embellishments turned into paper whereas it is all metal vintage key.


- I added lots of glitter stars, lots of mini flowers, the portion on the tray with the missing white lace (in my original tray) was changed to paper with very thin lace - I just added more glitter gold stars on that area.

- I added stem embellishments to be the backdrop of certain areas which I added flowers.

- I added trimmings of fuschia pink and mustard abaca twines to accentuate each individual partition that has a lack of ooomppph

For Further Improvements:

- I want to add big decorative pearls on each individual partition with a sprinkling of mini decorative pearls.  A few more mini flowers on the center but that is optional as it looks good as it is now.



- I noticed the photos HAS been dislodged or unglued.  It was as if the center partition came undone or was placed as temporary.  Certain partitions were not plastered flatly or have creases unlike the original I created.  The developed photos are indeed in color and yet the solo photos suddenly has black borders that I need to temper the dark color that eminates from the 2 partitions.  Yes, the photos were emphasized and yet the total look needs to be livened up.
- brush strokes on the paint on the katcha or cheesecloth like buffer on the roof of the White House tray are very evident unlike the original I did which I saw to it that the brushstrokes aren't emphasized but only dabs and whiffs of color are shown.  I noticed 2 colors were applied whereas I only applied on the original only one shade of color.

- a few more cloth flower embellishments were noticed.


- I added lines of glitter green trims to lessen the black bordered photos.

- I re-positioned the picket fence on the center bottom partition instead of returning it on the center left.

- I had the left side where the picket fence fell off replaced with one of my fussy cut flower embellishments from MM

- I fixed the temporary center photo permanently.

For Further Improvements:

- I want to add another cream picket fence on the top left partition if it won't appear looking like a big signage of "Keep Away" making it 3 partitions with a picket fence.  A picket fence with the same cloth flower embellishment adorned on the one side of it.


That's all folks! 
My re-furbishing and improvements done on my Artist's trays.
It seems or felt like I have done a lot of artist's trays whether improving them or re-creating them from my own.  {sigh}

Must be a 'delirio' on my on Artist's Tray LOL {sigh}

Have a Nice Day, everyone!!

Happy to have you well again, Uncle!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Days of Sam: An Album of Birthdays


I've just finished work on another commissioned album piece for a new online friend Leda of Stitch Crossing.  She asked for a 2nd Mini Scrapbook Album, this time to help her document her son Sam's growing up years.

I alloted out of the 25 pages, 16 decorated pages for her son's yearly birthdays with a page a year for her to do showing and documenting that particular year's birthday of her son.

It's a first for me (with Leda) to create masculine commissioned albums which was also a challenge for me at the same time, it was a fun and enjoyable number of days spent papercrafting, embellishing, and creating art pages or you may call the pages of the 1st album (I've shown previously) as mixed media pages.  This 2nd album I'm showing you have pages I call as art pages to be completely filled up year after year by Leda of her son Sam's wonderful birthday celebrations.

Here's a video of the album created for her and her son:


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Postcards Received - October 12, 2014


Sharing photos of postcards received
October 12, 2014:

 Maxicard and Meet-Up Card from Moldova

traditional costume card of and from the Netherlands

Friday, October 17, 2014

Creo by Lady Katutz Milestone Year Mini Scrapbook Album


I'm sharing photos of my recently crafted
Mini Scrapbook Album which
I'm setting aside for me to create
pages with next year 2015
after my Milestone Year Celebration ends
on April 3, 2015.

It's my Creo by Lady Katutz Milestone Mini Scrapbook Album.  

I'm not sure if I'm setting it aside to document the Contest Proper which is one of the facets of my Milestone Year Celebration.  Or should I set it aside for all of my activities and projects in commemoration of my 2014 Milestone Year.

Anyway, here are the step-by-step photos
in a video:


Marriage of needlecrafts, art and papercrafts work in one project!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WORLD POST DAY - October 9, 2014 + Postcards and ATCs Sent and Received - October 7, 2014

Hi, everyone!

It was WORLD POST DAY last October 9, 2014.
I was hoping to be able to prepare much for the
event as I missed preparing for the

 I did prepared a postcard design for a
possible Personal Meet-Up Card for the
Philippine Postcrossing Community last June or was it July 2014.

Sadly, I had to leave the Facebook Group of the said community of Philippine postcrossers.  I was hoping to have the said postcard printed but I never had the chance to volunteer my services and be part of a Meet-Up here in my country.

Anyway for WORLD POST DAY,
though a week late as I was away from the post office
or would usually be in a hurry due to errands to do,
I'm sharing the post office mailbox in my vicinity.

I was surprised it was suddenly new and other than
my favorite Post Office Mailbox of US Mail at the time of US and Japanese Occupation in centuries past.

Anyway, sharing the Philippine Mail Box I now see at Las Piñas Central Post Office in Metro Manila, Philippines:

I hope to get a photo of my fave US Mail mailbox and would do a collage of the 2 mailboxes we have in the country or in Metro Manila post offices to join other postcrossers with Postcards of the traditional Mailboxes in their countries.

Should it be in digital scrapbook art layout or just multi-view mailbox postcard?
Please leave a comment for a survey.  =)



Sharing photos of postcards received and sent
October 7, 2014

 atcs received from
"We always have PARIS" swap

 postcrossing postcard from France; 
my file copy of my handmade collage postcard; 
surprise card from Greenland; 
art postcard from Japan from an art RR


postcards sent for the day
October 7, 2014:
 postcrossing postcards sent and
traveling notebook sent to the USA for Group 30

 MAP cards for a MAP RR under official postcrossing forum

 handmade collage postcards sent under
Handmade postcard RR
(Official postcrossing forum)

 Christmas postcard sent for
Christmas broadcast swap
under Postcrossing Asia

 thank you postcard sent for my dad's received
Get Well Soon Meet-Up Indonesian University card,
solicited by me previously

Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Happy Birthday 2014' LO for Scrappy Bee

Hi, everyone!

I worked with Scrappy Bee's Honey Bee:

Gypsy Butterfly's

"Paris Pink" digital kit:

I had so much fun creating with the digital kit and
here I am now sharing my prepared project with Scrappy Bee . . .
Here is my CT Project for Gypsy Butterfly's kit:

 Please visit the Scrappy Bee's Bee Hive
to grab Gypsy Butterfly's "Paris Pink" digital kit: