[PAPER & DIGITAL CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this baking endeavour]


ENDED JANUARY 11, 2015: the Creo by Lady Katutz' 8-Categories Contest has ended. No more acceptance of entries.

To view the entries, click HERE.

Entries will be reviewed over a 3 month-period. Finalists will be posted from January - March 2015.

Winners will be announced April 3, 2015.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SMASH BOOK FINALISTS for the Creo by Lady Katutz Milestone Contest


This is the 6th and LAST installment of showing off the Finalists to Creo by Lady Katutz Milestone 2014 Contest.  This post is for the Smash Book or Travelling Notebook Category may they be DIY or non-DIY Smash Book pages.

Contest participants are a total of 9 participants for the Smash Book Category.

I'm so glad to have received a number of page entries and I would like to thank them all for writing and decorating pages from my Travelling Notebook as their submitted entries.  They're page entries of friendship and for the love of our shared hobby in papercrafting and of journals.

I'd like to thank all those who joined my Travelling Notebook Activity specially with the Filipino Scrapbookers Club and the Philippine Crafters Association.  And to the lone British participant Fran for joining my Travelling Mixed Media Art Dedication Album with Kaboodle Doodles.

I have deemed your pages worthy to be entries in my Smash Book Contest Category.  Thank you so much!!

For all of you beloved smash bookers, lovers of journals and dedication notebooks and who collects Smash Books in whatever form, a gracious THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!


I have been going thru prelimaries with all the entries since the month of December 2014 for the Smash Book Entries and I believe this category has been the 2nd toughest for me to pass judgement to choose a winner.

Here are my chosen 3 FINALISTS out of 9 ENTRIES:

{from top to bottom}

Melanie Anne B. Cheng
(from Manila, Philippines)
(from Manila, Philippines) a smash page with banners or pennants outlined, with a play of various papercrafting tools of border punchers for her border strip and embossing folders for paper strips done into a birthday cake.  I love her corner paper embellishments done either fussy cutting put the precision in the cut makes me deduce that these were done with a die-cutting machine with beautiful dies for the corner bottom right clock and the corner bottom left cluster of bird, frames and a banner strip.

I really love that lower left corner cluster of hers.  Such a sweet corner layout!

Vanessa S. Torres
(from Manila, Philippines)
a smash art page done in a collage where various embellishments and a few die cuts were put together in a smash collage style backed with a pattern paper as matt.

Stickers of friendship quotes and other more tapes decorate her 2 pages, button embellishment and flower gems embellishes her pages some more.  I love the way she made use of a quote stencil done in mixed media.

Her quotes says:

truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.
friendship isn't a big thing, it's a million little things

You say I dream too big.  I say you think too small.
Fly by attitude
Forever Friends

Mitch B. Hildawa
(from Manila, Philippines)
a smash art page done in DIY smash book style.  Mitch displayed herself as more of a smash booker in her 2-page entry.  A little of mixed media with a play with tags, die cuts from keys to word quotes to eiffel tower and doily dies with fussy cut camera and dress forms abound her pages.

Snippets of paper notes about herself and a dedication decorate her pages.

Her quotes says:

Today was Magical
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction,
Ends up being the biggest step of your life
Tip Toe if you must but take the step.

(with submission of best Smash Book Folio Project based on categories mentioned above, whether in a DIY Smash Notebook, a K&Co. Smash Folio or any Smash Album and Travelling Notebook Project)

- K&Co. mini Smash Folio
- Korben Corporation's Papelmelroti's Mini ring album
- K&Co. Mini Smash Pad 
{ to view sample of my DIY Smash Notebook, click, HERE. }

Good Luck!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Constellation: Cassiopea or Lynx

I saw the Lynx today, my favorite Cassiopea constellation. I also saw the Orion too. It has been 2 decades since I located these constellations again in the sky. Due to the cloudy night skies, that sights of these constellations aren't possible for me for decades.

I'd usually see the Lynx or the Cassiopea whenever an important day of my life happens. A Milestone and great mark in my lifetime occurs. I wonder what it is for this day and time. I guess it must be the end of my celebration of my Milestone Year and Anniversary Year as a Hobbyist and Artist. Thanks so much!! I missed seeing my fave constellation in the sky.

I noticed a missing or invisible star with the Lynx constellation. . . . probably cloudy on that part of that single missing star. {sigh}

And my pet white cat is turning pink again. . . . 

Postcards Received and Sent - February 23 & 25, 2015


Sharing photos of postcards sent and received:
February 23 and 25, 2015

official postcrossing postcards received:
February 23, 2015
- Borubudur UNESCO postcard from Indonesia
- postcard from Austria
- Taiwan Hualien Taroke National Park from Taiwan
- Coronado island California postcard from the USA

postcards sent - February 25, 2015:
2 teacup shaped postcards
2 Masbate postcards
2 Philippines touristic postcard

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Postcards Received - February 21, 2015


Sharing photos of postcards received:
February 21, 2015

official postcrossing postcards
- postcard from Northern Bavaria, Germany
- Sergiev - Posad postcard from Russia

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Postcards Received - February 20, 2015


Sharing photo of postcards received:
February 20, 2015

- Lille, France postcrossing Meet-up Card thru an RR swap
- professioal printed card from Ukraine from a Professional printed card RR swap
- 2 Degas cards from the USA from a facebook swap

Friday, February 20, 2015

Postcards Sent and TN received - February 18, 2015


Sharing photos of postcards sent and TN received:
February 18, 2015

 my Travelling Notebook (for a Cause) returned home
traveled thru a TN RR under the theme: My Country

official postcards and maxicards sent
thru official postcrossing and a facebook maxicard swap

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Postcards Sent & Received - February 9 & 11, 2015


Sharing photo of postcards sent:
February 9, 2015

official postcrossing postcards sent thru RRs

Sharing photos of postcards received:
February 11, 2015

 postcrossing postcard received:
- MAP card from Germany
- card from Suomi, Finland

postcards received from an anonymous sender
from Republic of China (Taiwan)
- thank you!
{I still need to trace it from my previous swaps agreed upon, to find the sender)