[PAPER & DIGITAL CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this baking endeavour]


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Postcards received - November 19, 2014

Hi and hello, everyone!

As the Christmas Season is upcoming,
I've tapered my visits to my post office
from thrice and twice a week to
once a week starting the month of
November 2014.

I've joined 2 to 4 Christmas swap groups
under both Official and Facebook
Postcrossing Groups.

And . . . hehehe
the Christmas cards have started to come
to my P.O. Box.

I'm glad and yet frightful that I won't have
Christmas mails come Christmas day
to open and read
and feel some Christmas Holiday Joy.

I miss my teams as we have annual
Christmas handmade card swaps
(the folded kind)
purely handmade and crafted with
such Holiday Spirit for
the Christmas Season.

Anyway, here's sharing photos of the cards received for November 19, 2014:

- Christmas cards from a Christmas broadcast swap group
* Christmas food craving card from Taiwan
* Christmas postcard from Germany

- Halloween card from a Holiday cards RR Group
* belated Halloween postcard from Russia

- Christmas cards from a Christmas Holiday cards RR Group
* Christmas (Saw Three Ships) reproduction from a stamp design - card from UK
* A.L Bowley, postcard N.D. from Postcard.com from the USA with Christmas Forever stamp
* An ihana Christmas postcard design from Russia
* A Christmas postcard from Taiwan
* A Merry Christmas (20th century) from the Gabriella Oldham Collection - card from Hong Kong, China
* Christmas bear postcard from Russia
* A Paperbox Christmas postcard from Estonia

- Christmas folded cards from a Christmas Holiday cards RR Group
* Silent Night, Holy Night Holiday card printed in Finland from Estonia
* Christmas folded card from the Republic of China

- Dubai thank you card from U.A.E

- postcrossing official postcards received:
* Watermolen Hackfort, Vorden card from the Netherlands
* Authentic costume of Holland - card from Nederlands
* Constantinople. View of the Golden Horn - card from Russia
* Ice Age 2 the Meltdown - card from Duetschland
* Berlin Ballet "The Little Prince" - card from Duetschland
* Wooden shoes - card from Holland
* The Nightwatch by Rembrandt reproduced by Royal Delft - card from the Netherlands
* First Day Issue Gardenville Vic 3186 - March 23 2000 Maxicard

Friday, November 21, 2014

"Bibang Postcard" Layout for Scrappy Bee Honey Bee - Sweet Dreamer Designs

Hi, everyone!

I worked on

Scrappy Bee's 

Sweet Dreamer Designs (SDD)'s

"Lavender Love" digital kit:

I had so much fun creating with the digital kit and
here I am now sharing my prepared projects with Scrappy Bee . . .
Here is my CT Project for Sweet Dreamer's kit release:

I created a digital layout with a digital photography postcard created for my late pet cat named Bibang.  This is to introduce Lady Katutz Photography (digital photography) - LKP thru Creo by Lady Katutz / Creo by Lady Katutz Designs.

 Please visit the Bee Hive of Scrappy Bee
for more of Sweet Dreamer's digital kits

Thanks and happy shopping!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Hernandez Family" digital LO for Scrappy Bee's LW Designs

Hi, everyone!

I worked on

Scrappy Bee's 

LW Designs (LWD)'s

"My Day: Autumn" digital kit:

I had so much fun creating with the digital kit and
here I am now sharing my prepared project with LW Designs . . .
Here is my CT Projects for Scrappy Bee's Honey Bee LW Designs kit release:

 Please visit Scrappy Bee's Bee Hive
to grab LW Designs "My Day: Autumn" digital kit.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fannn's My Country Travelling Notebook

Hello, everyone!

I've been keeping from sharing photos of the pages I created with my groupmates or co-participants Travelling Notebooks since I started in this activity with Postcrossing.com's Forum.

Now, I'm ready to share these pages starting off with the very 1st Travelling Notebook I filled up as early as July 2013 (last year).

Here's the twenty fifth one:
(completely filled up November 9, 2014)

Note:  I'm refraining from sharing the other pages of my co-participants' Travelling Notebooks.  I'll be sharing photos of the pages of my own Travelling Notebooks upon their return.  I have so far only have 2 Travelling Notebooks returned.

My pages in Fanny's Travelling Notebook - My Country:

the left page is from a previous traveling notebook participant. I started on the page on the right side.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Postcards Sent and Received - November 12, 2014


I'm back to sharing postcards sent and received again.
This time cards from November 12, 2014:

  postcards received:
- Christmas postcard received from Germany thru a broadcast swap
- Christmas postcard received also from Germany thru a Holiday cards RR

Christmas cards received thru a Holiday Cards RR both from Russia.

- postcrossing postcard (official card) from Republic of China [Taiwan])

I forgot to take a photo of the Winter Christmas postcards I've sent for a Holiday Cards with Winter Scene RR swap.  I would just like to mention about sending them last November 12th.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Artist's Tray Improvements and Works done


I'm back blogging again =)

I would like to share what I have been busy with a number of days ago before the very day of Creo's Blogoversary.

I went back to my trays - the one's I deemed needs re-furbishing in terms of design.  They are my printer's tray and my very first Whitehouse tray.  Though I've previously improved on the Whitehouse tray, I saw it fit to add some more and tweek some parts of the design for a totally different look, vibe and feel.

Here they are with me, shown below:

 my Artist's Printer Tray

 My Whitehouse Artist's Tray

 posing with both trays

A closer view of 2 of my trays:

 "My Wonders of the World" 
an Artist's Tray

"Family LOVE"
an Artist's Tray

Thursday, November 13, 2014

CBLK's Souvenir Sheet Collection Momentos

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share what I have been dabbling these past few days from Nov. 10-13, 2014.  

- Monday, I went to the printing kiosk nearby and had my other Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheets printed.  My photo frames (3 of which) had been ready since August 2014 to house my souvenir sheets pending finalization in design.

- Upon reaching home, I had 3 printed proto of Souvenir Sheets up on a frame but set aside in my room pending completion of the other souvenir sheets in terms of photo frames.  I still lack 2 more smaller apt in design photo frames.

- Luckily when I went to the department store, a day after Creo's blogoversary, I found what I was looking for.

- It took me today, Nov. 13th waking up at 3am or was it 4am, to have the last protos of Souvenir Sheets framed.  And I found a place in our home to lodge and house my Souvenir Sheet momentos for now - my Home's Family Room where my younger sister usually stays.

Here are photos of my Souvenir Sheets momentos decored in my Home:

 accentuating my Crossstitched Lady and Beau at the Piano are:
- the Filipino Scrapbookers Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheet (at the back, left side)
- Let's Get Scrappy Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheet at the front, left side)
- Creo by Lady Katutz' Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheet at the front far right side)

 Kaboodle Doodles' Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheet on the table

My Philippine Crafters Association's Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheet on the side table.