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Friday, May 22, 2015

Parts of a Postcard by PHLpost

Hi, everyone!

When I was contemplating on printing my card designs into postcards, I thought of first joining Postcrossing.com to be able to send and likewise receive postcards as a learning experience for me.

And true enough, I learned in the due course of inspecting every postcard received and tourist postcards I've bought here in Manila, the necessary parts of a postcard.  Other than that the needed details I need to indicate on each back of a postcard design.

It took me a year I think before I was able to get to it.  But it wasn't the main purpose why I joined Postcrossing.com.  It was to enjoy in finding another hobby aside from scrapbooking (papercrafts and digital art).  It was really for the sheer fun of it and the learning experience that I would gain, as I'm won't of the opportunity, resources and companion of travelling on a yearly basis abroad or outside the country.

Each postcard was a window for me to see and view the world.  Other than regain my love of collecting postcards for each travel I took, it was also for the memories for each travel my dad took in my younger years with a postcard booklet for me as a souvenir upon returning home.

I would marvel at the colors, at the photography and the texture of each postcard.  And of course, on what it says at the back.

I would like to share with you a YouTube video link created by PHILpost or PHLpost, discussing the proper parts of a postcard.

by PHLpost

Here is another YouTube video link by Tom Blanc:

by Tom Blanc

Happy Viewing!!

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