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Friday, September 4, 2015

"The Enchanted Kingdom 2015" layout for Sunshine Inspired Designs

Hi, everyone!

This is my 3rd post for the month as Sunshine Inspired Designs' Layout Designer.

It's been a while since I last visited Enchanted Kingdom.  And what a sweet treat to be treated to an Amusement Park visit with a Family Day by none other than my younger sister's Company.

I like the amusement park now better than the my last visit which was probably more than a decade ago by now.  I'm glad EK have family day packages for corporations.

The theme park is full of rides and games booth.  And you won't get hungry roaming around the theme park as certain areas are with food stalls and there's a carnival-like cafeteria or resto at the back center of the amusement park.  And so many souvenir shops too that you won't go home without any from the theme park to keep.  As for me, the tickets and the booth photos is already enough for my souvenirs.

It was indeed sweet as it proved to be a happy visit at the time, as I was capping off my Creo by Lady Katutz 2014 Milestone Celebration.  I was busy sending off prizes and communicating with the winners here and abroad.  Also busy preparing posts here and there to carry the excitement of announcing the winners, with a monthly installment post of finalists.

Anyway, I created another LO with my photos at Enchanted Kingdom with my family:

I went on a collage set with a color motif very Enchanted Kingdom or Hidden Forest theme with a mini digital kit by Sunshine Inspired Designs, named Bohemian Breeze:

The mini kit is a freebie available at Pixel Scrapper's Blog Train.

So, hurry on to Pixel Scrapper's blog and forum!

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