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Friday, January 15, 2016

Guest On Spotlight: Fia Uiterwijk of Sketches4All (S4A or S4All)

Hi, everyone!

I'm introducing a Papercrafter on Creo by Lady Katutz' Guests On Spotlight.

My very 6th Guest on Spotlight is my former Lady Boss,  the Administrator at Sketches4All, none other than our well-loved Fia Uiterwijk.

I've worked with Fia as her Design Team Member at Sketches4All.  This was my early years starting as a Designer (DT) for a craft and art site for an international crafting community.  Sketches4All (S4A) has Netherlands and USA as the main community of crafters with a sprinkle of a few Asians like me.

I spearheaded in managing and creating Sketches4All's Facebook side to complement the Sketches4All main community website.  This was for the majority of the active community member and the others who are more active in Facebook.   I arrange notifications and calendars of activities, challenges and events at Sketches4All's Facebook Group/Community to alert them as to when they should sign-in at the main Sketches4All website and forum.

My work with Sketches4all covered producing Design Team projects for monthly events at the Website's forum.  Aside from this,  I hold monthly challenges (themed, sketch or game) providing prizes coming from my own country, the Philippines.

I also worked with the other Design Team members on brainstorming monthly events and sometimes looking for sponsors for these main forum events.

Below are the prepared questions and her corresponding answers to each:  
I hope you get to know her thru this post of mine about her.

9 Short Questions and 1 Wrap-It Question:

1.  I would like to know your complete / full name and what you do.
Fia Uiterwijk-Somers

2.  How did you get started in your craft?

I saw some beautiful papers and embellishments in a hobby store, I was sold and my addiction started.

3.  Where there previous or other arts and crafts that you delved with or are currently enjoying?

Previous crafts were embroidery, knitting, and crochet.

4.  Do you have hidden crafts that you like and enjoy by yourself?

I have no hidden crafts.

5.  Amongst your crafts, which one did struck gold and became your main stint?  How did it help you?

Scrapbook!its a way to have some relaxing time for ME!

6.  How many years have you been dealing with your craft?  Or with each of your crafts?

I started when I was about 16 years. Scrapping since 2006

7.  What is your main motivation or inspiration for indulging with your craft?

To make memories so my son can look back later and see all the albums.

8.  Five years before, where were you in your craft?  Five years from now, what do you envision for your craft?

Scrapbook related I was a beginner and enjoyed looking and learn from others.

9.  What are your major breakthroughs and milestones in relation to your craft or in the industry you are with?

I learned a lot of technics in scrapbook and also made some great friends online

10.  Describe yourself and your craft in one short phrase, word or sentence.

Do what you love! I love scrapbook!

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