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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

VIDA Artist: Mahal Kita Fashion Scarves Launch

Hi, everyone!

It's the launch of my 2nd Collection
with VIDA Ecommerce.

I'm really excited to collaborate with VIDA for this collection.  VIDA is a new kind of fashion ecommerce company that connects artists like me all over the world with producers to bring our work to life.  For every product, VIDA hopes to provide the gift of literacy to the makers they work with.

It's a set of Fashion Scarves, under the Mahal Kita Collection:

Mahal Kita Modal Scarf
by Kathleen B. Hernandez

Mahal Kita 2 Modal Scarf
by Kathleen B. Hernandez

The Mahal Kita collection comes from my 2016 Art Series (Part IV), dubbed as Mahal Kita.  The Art Series went on a theme of Valentine's Day Everday which was launched with art pages created, plus handmade and printed postcard sets released last love month of February 2016.

- My Mahal Kita Artwork Collections, 
Internationally Acclaimed with a Shakespeare in Art Award 
at the 1st Trienniale Contemporary Verona Art Fair and 
shown in Washington D.C. and New York City (USA), 
a June 2016 Awardee in Verona, Italy.

The scarves above forms part of the OTP project under the Mahal Kita Art Series.

Do own a "Kathleen B. Hernandez Mahal Kita Modal Scarf"!

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