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Friday, July 15, 2016

"Brooches n Crossstitches" Handmade Cards

I've opened another possiblity for
a Creo by Lady Katutz' Art Series.

These is in the theme of the name of my foremost hobby that is crossstitching and needlecrafts -  "Brooches n Crossstitches".

My logo and stationary at that time is depicted of a line to a single flower design.  But my initial logo design as Brooches n' Crossstitches was my very 1st artisanal and decorative sewing kit bottle.  This was my trophy for crossstitching every summer break or sem-break and trimestral break.  This was also my sort of trophy for earning always a 90+ percent grade in practical arts, with my favorite as needlecrafts, embroidery and crochet.

I have lost this sewing kit bottle down the years, wherever I hid it in those times. . . . that's why I resorted to a flower design logo up to this day.

Here is my papercrafted version depicting the blossoming return of Brooches n' Crossstitches, now under Creo by Lady Katutz that is my main line and generic named hobby.  Or the name I carry now with every work and art I do:

Brooches n' Crossstitches Postcard

Brooches n' Crossstitches Folded Card

The above design would have made a wonderful extension of my Art Series V: Roses that originated from my Roses flower photography.  This could have been the papercraft art version in the form of handmade card.

The best matching postage stamp for the above would have been the Philippine Postal Corporation's 2016 Valentine's release with notation of Faith, Hope and Love.  The design depicts a single rose in white background in peach.

I did prepare another flower photography for the 2016 Valentine's stamp, which is depicted in my photography as a single white rose from my family's flower garden - the Hernandez Family Garden.

The above postcard design has yet to be printed and the 2016 Valentine's PHLpost stamp has yet to be found for my procurement. {sigh}

But for now,  the above set of cards rests as a separate Art Series, as Brooches n Crossstitches.

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