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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Butterfly Sprite Crossstitch Project 2016

Hi, everyone!

Sharing my 2nd post on my 2nd crossstitch project eversince I got back as Brooches 'n Crossstitches.  This is my very 1st crafting and artisanal hobby before Creo by Lady Katutz.  Now Brooches 'n Crossstitches is under Creo by Lady Katutz,

My finished crossstitch project for 2016 is
none other than a Filipino created DMC crossstitch pattern.
This was created by our own Philippine DMC Artist named,
Aldrin Jay Parilla.

I started crossstitching this pattern October 19, 2015 and completed stitching June 28, 2016.  I had it framed and was able to claim it from my framer July 8, 2016.

I, Kath of Brooches n' Crossstitches, added a bit to the crossstitch pattern and also worked with the various option provided by Drin on crossstitching this Butterfly Sprite.

Work entailed:  crossstitching from regular DMC Embroidery floss to metallic to light effect embroidery floss, beading to my own added silk ribbon embroidery.

Here's a video presentation of my work, showing step-by-step my progress on this Butterfly Sprite.  At the end, is my postcard design for and in behalf of DMC showing the needlecrafts industry in Metro Manila, Philippines.  The Butterfly Sprite postcard is my 2nd Needlecrafts postcard created as a member of Proud Pinoy Stitchers and as a patron of DMC:

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