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Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Retirement Page LO Tutorial with ScrapbookingCoach.com

Hi, everyone!

I'm starting the month of October 2016
with a Retirement LO Tutorial I created for
ScrapbookingCoach.com last July 2016.

When I got my LO tutorial assignment,
I thought how wonderful it is, to be gifted
with a retirement scrapbook album upon retirement.

I just thought of all the love and energy
with all the effort of your former officemates,
classmates and friends they would be doing in
putting together one retirement scrapbook album
for you to keep.

I suddenly thought of the lost time for such to
be put together a decade ago.

My LO assignment was very apt for
my scrapbook project this year 2016. 

I went on a project of
a DIY or a Do-It-Myself Retirement Project Life Scrapbook Album.

I had completed at the early part of the year 2016,
done in smashbooking and art journaling style,
one whole album.

But it is not a retirement scrapbook album per se,
project life scrapbook album.

The only page lacking of my completed album was
a summary page of my work as a CPA.

This was addressed by the LO assignment given to me
by ScrapbookingCoach.com.

I did my own Retirement Page of ME or "KATH as a CPA",
which is the title of my LO.  
This is also now the cover page of my retirement album.

Here is a video tutorial of the page layout.
The written LO tutorial can be found with

The written tutorial can be read at ScrapbookingCoach.com blog,

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