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Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Christmas Meet: Postcrossing, Hello Kitty and CBLK Maximaphily


I would like to share with you
photos of us at last year's
2016 Christmas Meet.

(I wasn't able to attend and organize
any mini get-togethers like decades past . . . 
. . . nor like last year's one-on-one Christmas meets.)

 . . . but instead had this 2016 Christmas Meet
for postcrossing, Hello Kitty and for CBLK Maximaphily on Christmas Lantern Parol

Here are the photos of during the Meet-Up:

Our signed Meeting Cards & Philatelic Souvenirs:

CARDS IN USE - Still Life Sunflowers by Van Gogh (dollar purchase at Postcard Locker by Kath);  mini handmade Christmas Lantern Parol (handmade by Kath of CBLK); Kitty Cat CBLK postcard (digital design and printed by Kath of CBLKD/ CBLK); Postcrossing Meeting postcard (digital design and printed by Kath of CBLKD); Greetings From Philippines postcard (euro purchase from Postallove by Kath); Asia postcard (euro purchase from Postallove by Kath); square handmade Christmas Lantern Parol postcard and folded card (handmade by Kath of CBLK with tool provided by Jill); envelope as covers-to-be handmade by Kath of CBLK)  ...  {sigh}  =)

(note:  it's a special request for me to mention where each card utilized came from in this blogpost)

below is our Meeting Cards Cover and my Philatelic {philately} Souvenir
I've completed year 2017
World Online Philatelic Agency (WOPA):

cblk maximaphily (CBLKM)
creo by lady katutz {cblk}

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