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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Awardee of International Prize Cristoforo Colombo (An Art Explorer Award)


In December 2016, I received the invitation to receive the International Prize Cristoforo Colombo together with other few awardees chosen by known curators - Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo held in Genova.

I sent my reply and requirements all ready in January 2017.

Awarding Ceremonies held February 18, 2017.

I wasn't able to be in attendance to the event,
but gracing the video presentation in Genova for
my International Prize Cristoforo Colombo is
one of my Kathleen Hernandez Creo by Lady Katutz artworks.
This one is my Roses VI - my artwork in pencil and in charcoal:

To purchase an artprint of the above photo:  ROSES VI

My inspiration for my artwork above is
my Roses flower photography art with
photo captured from our own family garden.

To purchase Artprints and other more of the above Roses artwork
and collection,
visit my Society6 Shop at

Visit also the rest of my Roses Fashion Collection at
(with the above artwork on Roses VI Fashion Line too) at

thanks and happy shopping!!

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