[PAPER & DIGITAL CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design, to inspire and hopefully continue to reach new heights in this crafting hobby]
[NEEDLE CRAFTING GOAL: to create, to aspire, to design for gifts and give-aways of friends and loved ones]
[BAKING GOAL: to aspire, to indulge, bake and hopefully . . . learn to bake fondant & go full blast on this baking endeavour]

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Word of THANKS!!

I know that I can't thank you enough . . . 

I would like to share the news that a few days ago,
I've finally reached the 100th follower mark
here on my personal crafting and hobby blog.

I was really esctatic and I was fast enough to contain my glee . . .
Well, not really! LOL
. . . for I went around all my FB groups to share the good news!!
{blabbing about it and was just too glad to have reached a mark to wit!!}

This is a milestone for me with this blog being almost 1 year old
{taking the time this specific blog of mine has been created}

And I'm grateful for the friends, confidant and the teams {current and past}
that I'm with right now in this well-loved hobby of ours.

I hope I could gather up my resources for a give-away to say my thanks,
but I know my resources are not enough to come up with such
a yummy give-away to celebrate the occasion.
I'm afraid that I might just disappoint you all.
Maybe in time . . . . 

I just want to be able to share to everyone my craft
thru this blog I have, pouring into it all my efforts by
trying to sustain and maintain daily crafting blogposts
for everyone to see.
I hope I could be that of an enabler and be able to
fully espouse my written goals on my header which is
to aspire, create, design & inspire
in whatever hobby I indulge in.

To all my followers and friends,

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