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Thursday, June 6, 2013

My "Walt Disney Film Strip" Cross-stitch - Great Craft Time Contest Winner

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share the great news that my cross-stitch entry won at the recently concluded Craft Time Contest under the Thread Category.

I submitted (2) entries - (1) under the Paper Category and (1) under the Thread Category.
Both entries were a masterpiece for me.
And I'm glad and really fortunate to have (1) of my entries declared as the winner.

Here's the photo of my winning entry:

Before I discovered any other hobby, cross-stitch has been my foremost hobby.  I started hearing about it and learning a little about it in my grade school days (was it around Grade 4, 5 or 6 . . . my memory do escape me . . . sorry) while taking our Home Economics class.  I later on took my 1st cross-stitch pattern, during a Summer Vacation way back when I was in High School and the rest was history.  It wasn't an addiction but the needlecraft proved to be my favorite thing to do with my hands.  I got cross-stitch pattern after pattern specially when I was in my 20's while being employed.

The above piece was one of the patterns I procured a few years after year 2000.  I kept it with me for a while and took it out of hiding when I was no longer employed and had opted to stay home with my parents.

I love this cross-stitch piece because it features or showcases all the Walt Disney Characters I know during my childhood to teenage years.  I was at first taken aback by the numerous colors of threads in play in the completion of this cross-stitch piece, nevertheless, I took it as a challenge and was all excited to have it all completed and framed.  It was a delight seeing it framed and hanging on the wall at home.

From the top left corner of the cloth to the lower right corner, the whole cloth is covered with stitches looking much like a mini tapestry of Walt Disney Characters in a Film Strip.  It took me almost a year (I think or less number of months) if I could still remember the duration by which I commenced work on this piece until I had it framed hanging in our home.

I'm proud of this piece and I'm really privileged to have been chosen by Craft Time Magazine as winner under the "Made with Thread" Category.

I'll be waiting for the feature on Issue 17 of Craft Time Magazine of the Winners of their Grand Contest coming out mid-June and on shelves latest by July 2013.

Thank you so much, Craft Time Magazine and
more power to your team!

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