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Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Birthday Excerpts" of My Travelling Friendship Notebook Back Home

Hi, everyone!

It took time for me to finally decide on sharing a photos of a few pages of my Travelling Friendship Notebook returned in December 2014.

It's a Travelling Notebook activity I hosted over at both Filipino Scrapbookers Club and Philippine Crafters Assn, outside of Postcrossing.com.  It is introducing to them a glimpse of the activities I happily indulge in at Postcrossing.com's Member's Forum.

The travelling notebook has been personal for me to share and some pages has been close to my heart but I thought it is okay to share a few pages with birthday greetings in my TN on the occasion of my birthday month.

So, here goes:

 It's the 1st Hello Kitty notebook I decorated the cover of, unlike the rest of my Hello Kitty notebooks that I sent around the world which I left without decorating for postage costs to be at a minimal for my pocket.  This Hello Kitty notebook went around in the Philippines starting February 2014.

my 2 title pages

 My Easter Handmade Greeting Card on an Easter page

 Here are the birthday pages of the members and participants of the Travelling Friendship Notebook:

 a birthday well-wisher from Taytay, Rizal

 a birthday well-wisher from Pampanga

 a birthday well-wisher from Laguna

 a UNESCO and Wonders of Nature postcard gift from a well-wisher from Makati City

 from the same Makati City Well-wisher, a personal birthday message

from the same Makati City well-wisher

a name interpretation page from a birthday well-wisher from San Pablo City


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