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Monday, April 6, 2015

Travelling Mini Scrapbook II - Back Home

Hi, everyone!

It's been almost a month since the return of my Travelling (Pink) Mini Scrapbook intact together with the Travelling Toy; Travelling Postcard (which was left unsigned); and Travelling Birthday Card.

Here's sharing a few excerpts from the pages or contents of the very 1st Travelling Mini Scrapbook sent last year 2014 as a Travelling Friendship and Birthday Mini Scrapbook:

Here is how the front cover of the Travelling Mini Scrapbook looks like together with the Travelling Teddy Bear:
photo taken upon the Mini Scrapbook's return back home

Here are photos of the 1st few pages of the Travelling Mini Scrapbook:

the title page

 pages with mechanics and instruction for the participants

the listing of participants and the starting page of sharing my works

 (L) the travelling postcard page; (R) the compliments page

 a close-up of the compliments page with an artist trading card for all the participants

an About Me page

Here's sharing the birthday well wishes of my Travelling Mini Scrapbook:

my Travelling Birthday Card


Here's sharing the participants works on the pages:

 an American well wisher sharing her photography works

 a Japanese well wisher sharing more photography work 

a Chinese well wisher sharing her love for cosplay (a cosplayer herself) and her artist friend's work

a Singaporean well wisher and a friend (former HongKong national turned Singaporean), a master of inks, sharing her love for scrapbooks and handmade cards with an artist trading card to share with me.


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