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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tips for the Month of June 2015


This is a Summary of the May 2015 Tips of the Week, I've written for Sunshine Inspired Designs (SID)'s blog.

If you need to refer for some more layout examples, I've added the link to SID's blog on her weekly tip of the week post.


TIP No. : 6  When You want to use a different color scheme to the one in the photo convert your photos to black and white.

This tip is about making everything on your LO complement each other.  There are layouts that have contrasting elements and yet work.  But most or on certain instances elements and your photo don’t match or work together.
A technique to use when the above arises is to convert your photos into black and white.  Ditch the colored photo. 

Most of the time your elements on your layout may be in full color, may they be in bright and bold or in pastel to vintage shades.  Or you may be asked to go on a monochromatic layout.  These kinds of color schemes works well with black and white photos.  You should go and try it.  Do keep this tip in mind.

Here are my examples from YEAR 2011 & 2014 for Tip No. 6:
Design Team Member LO for Let's Get Sketchy (2011); Christmas Home Decor (2014); and Peacock Handmade Embossed Card as Admin & DT work for Kaboodle Doodles (2012)

To read more and find more examples, visit SID's May 6th blog post.


TIP No. : 7  An Infographic on Ways to Make use of Digital Scrapbooking Kits

These Digital Scrapbook Kits are usually for personal use only once bought.  If you'd like to make use of the kits to create products for business, make sure to look for kits with notations of "FOR COMMERCIAL USE or CU"; and you may simply ask for permission from the digital kit designer/artist.

Here are my examples from YEAR 2012 for Tip No. 7:
From L-R:  Label for a loved ones office meeting snack (2012);  Christmas cards and postcards for personal use (2014);  Birthday postcard for personal use (2015); and Christmas give-aways for the Holiday Season (2012).  

To read more and find more examples, visit SID's May 13th blog post.


TIP No. : 8  Remember that every layout does not have to be a MASTERPIECE and it is ok to keep the embellishments to a minimum.

This tip is on creating minimalists or less is more layouts / LOs.

Sometimes it could be a cause of stress and creative block if one should be pressured to create a MASTERPIECE for every layout done.

Keep in mind our hobby is an art done at our leisure on our own inspiration and motivation.  It should not be a cause of pressure and tension.  It is done to make oneself proud on documenting one’s family event or an important milestone in life.

The best way for these is to opt to create on a less is more style or a minimalist piece of work.  Let your creativity work on playing with lesser quantity of embellishments may it also be on a clean and simple technique on a lesser note too.  Those techniques can do.

Here are my layout examples from YEAR 2012 to 2015 for Tip No. 8:
From L-R:  Golden Bay LO as CT work for Scrappy Bee (2015); Parent's Wedding Anniversary LO as CT work for Charly Renay Designs (2014); Hi! Handmade Card as Admin & DT work for Kaboodle Doodles (2012); and Peacock Feather Embossed Handmade Card as Admin & DT work for Kaboodle Doodles (2012).

To read more and find more examples, visit SID's May 20th blog post.


TIP No. : 9  When you get stuck walk AWAY from the Layout.  Come back to it the next day

This tip is on taking a breather from your designs or layout.
When you've reached a blank wall or in a rut and you could not summon your inner self to create with on that very instant, it's best to stand up from your work and walk away. Take a breather and relax.

I do sleep on it or take a break with a mini snack. But most of the time, I try to relax, breathe and try to see everything around me that I have shut off momentarily while I create and design. It makes me aware and make me indulge into daily musings . . . and sometimes it takes me out of my rut and blank wall.

Most take to Pinterest Boards for inspirations. I seldom do. I do peruse my Facebook news feed but not to look for layouts to inspire me, but to read quotes and statuses of my Facebook friends. I respond to my mails and comments . And, these usually work to get me back creating a paper LO or designing a digital layout. I take to playing with design concepts on my head before I hit the computer or my craft table.

I take to Pinterest Boards to view other fellow scrapbookers works to admire them and take note of their wonderful designs but not at the moment that I'm looking for scrapbook inspiration. It is usually just clearing my head of any designing block or what others call as mental block in school or work.

To read more and find more examples, visit SID's May 27th blog post.

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