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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flower Postcards and Flower Stamps III: (Hibiscus - Gumamela)

Hi, everyone!

With the Heritage Month, the University of the Philippines with PHLpost released a Hybrid Gumamela Stamp Issue.  The Stamp Sheet in Hybrid Gumamela Centennial Series, while the Mini Sheet is in Hybrid Gumamela Millenium Series.

The stamps are shown below:

 Hybrid Gumamela Stamps of 4
(Centennial Series)

Hybrid Gumamela Stamps of 4 Mini Sheet
(Millenium Series)

I'm sharing another series of Flower Postcards and Flower Stamps with a focus on Gumamela, known also as Hibiscus.

The cards are Hibiscus (Gumamela) CBLK Postcards with Hybrid Hibiscus PHLpost stamps.  The Hibiscus CBLK Postcards belongs to the May Flower Creo by Lady Katutz (CBLK) Postcard Collection for 2015.

To read more of my CBLK Hibiscus (Gumamela) postcards released June 15, 2015,
click HERE and HERE for my posts under Detiology
(my 5th and 6th batch of CBLK 2015 postcards printed).

Here are my copies of my mailed out cards:

I believe I chanced upon seeing these Philippine Hybrid Gumamela when I attended an event at the University of the Philippines - Los Baños, Laguna.

Here is a photo taken of the 2 Gumamela flowering plants:

They indeed look like the Hybrid Gumamela on PHLpost's Heritage Month stamps.

Here's to more PHLpost stamp release under the flora category!  


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