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Friday, August 21, 2015

My 9th batch of 2015 CBLK postcards


I've waited for a few weeks before I could have a sample printed of my Postcrossing.com's approved Meet-Up and Meeting Postcard Designs.

Upon receipt of Postcrossing.com's approval and further edited to fit completely the requirements, here I am sharing with you the printed postcards.

They're ready to see some action, albeit, meet only a few postcrossers for a Meet-Up and hopefully conduct in the near future a Meeting too for more projects and activities with fellow postcrossers whether in Facebook, in official Postcrossing.com or in the Philippine Postcrossing Community.

Here they are, a few cards printed:

Postcrossing Meet-Up Postcard 

Postcrossing Meeting Card

The above designs were started last year, as I was hoping to complete it in time for Postcrossing.com's 9th Annivesary and my contribution to my 1st Meet-Up to attend with the Philippine Postcrossing Community locally.

However, the design remained unfinished last year 2014.  I was able to complete it only this year 2015, in time for Postcrossing.com's 10th Anniversary.  But what transpired was processing for the design's approval, which came in a number of weeks after my submission for the 10th Anniversary Celebration.  The design of which I plotted on Postcrossing.com's 10th Anniversary MAP . . . mapping the celebration around the world.

Cheers to Postcrossing.com!!

Now, it's all done and complete.

Maybe its use will be for this year's World Post Day in October 2015.

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