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Monday, October 26, 2015

Seattle's Best Coffee's Macaroons

Hi, everyone!

I started going to Seattle's Best Coffee now more regularly after a work-out from the nearest gym.  I have to keep myself fit and healthy, afterall.

I used to go to Seattle's Best Coffee at the turn of the millenium, when I was still an employee at a GFI.  I would sometimes meet friends there for a tete-a-tete or for coffee after a dinner date.  My SBC of the year at that time was Seattle's Best - Greenbelt 5.

A decade after, my Seattle's Best Coffeshop turned out to be the one at Filinvest.  It was always after a work-out that I'd take a breather before going home.  My Christmases at that time was livelier. . .  WHAT with their coffee planner promos . . .  that I'd keep tab of all the coffee for I need to earn their planner.  My happiest take home from Seattle's Best - Filinvest, was coming home with 3 SBC planners and SBC glass mugs.  I spent my allowances on SBC coffee for them planners and for my mug collection.  

I thought I'd never forgive myself for doing so LOL . . . . not until this 2nd decade of the millenium, wherein I didn't hesitate to make use of my planners . . .  all in the virtue of Postcrossing.  It is my new found hobby, furthering my love for writing and collecting postcards and stamps.

This year 2015, I'm back with SBC - Filinvest.  This time on the virtue of keeping fit and healthy, enjoying healthy to vegetarian food or low carb food with them.

Chef's salad and breakfast meals are a treat for me on certain occasions.  It now cures my salad or leafy appetite.  The other meal cures my appetite for snacking on moderation on chips, peanut butter and french toast . . . . all not overly much or just not too much . . . . all moderated.

I just love it, this time.  I'm turning slimmer with a more healthier self-regulated diet.  A new leaf for me and not just eating what's on the table served hot.

AND . . . You know WHAT?!!!

I discovered Seattle's Best is now serving macaroons.

And . . . 

This SBC macaroons has my seal of approval!!

It is just how I used to bake macaroons with my mom in the late 1980's!!

We don't make them anymore in this time.

And I do cherish that the exact macaroon taste can now be found at Seattle's Best Coffeeshop.  It did cure my years of fixation over my own home-baked macaroons!

And I just love it served with Steaming Hot Mocha.  
My drink from SBC!

SBC Macaroons is Hernandez-approved!!

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