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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Be A Kolorista

Hi, everyone!

Coloring has become an art or an art form, as young and old alike plunge into coloring with the influx of Coloring Books for Adults in other countries.  The Philippines also welcomed this wave of coloring with coloring enthusiasts, aficionados and masters come together to share their talents.

We call ourselves Koloristas here in Manila.  Workshops, here and there, abound as coloring books found the main display and shelves of every leading bookstores (national or specialty bookstores) here in Manila.

I would like to share a photo of a Coloring Workshop for Adults, I attended which was conducted by Iris Babao-Uy last October 24, 2015.

We learned the various techniques on coloring from shading, blending to burnishing and the numerous art mediums and kinds of pens, pencils one can play with coloring.

Here's my semi-completed page from Carnet de Coloriage, which is a book from Morocco utilized by Iris and can be found at Fully Booked:

I would like to thank Iris, Faber Castell, Nette of My Little Attic, Fully Booked and Canvas for coming together in making this Workshop possible for us enthusiasts and aficionados wanting to get together under the same interest in the coloring art form.

Be a Creative Kolorista!

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