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Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Halloween & All Saint's Day

Hallo, everyone!!

It has been a lighter end of October 2015 for me with the Halloween celebration I could take part of or join and the visit to the resting place of my Grandparents on my mother side.  For my Granparetns on my father side, I uttered prayers and an offering of my daily work as a hobbyist.

I wish all the grandparents, specially the siblings of my own grandparents a long life and a good life to lead and live, with more blessings to their loved one who are still young and to those relatives still young at heart.

Though I may have been down and out resting at home for about 2 Sundays mid-October,  I'm glad to fulfill the newer me in good health and in good stead.

I started celebrating with the visit to my grandparents with my mother, father and younger sibling:

I wasn't expecting but I'm glad to have been able to join to witness the Halloween Celebration at Slimmers World International, my gym for life.

My gym had a Core Due Challenge for this year's Halloween Celebration.  It was a 2-day event or challenge competition and I was able to witness only the last day's am batch.

I'm glad to be able to take photo-ops prior the morning event.  I would loved to have earned the Core Duo Challenge "I Survived" trophy, but I guess I'd be content with a hand towel paraphernalia of Slimmers World International.  It's such an adrenaline packed event as I witnessed all the participants undergo the challenges for every station.

I'm just happy to have been able to pose with the witches broom with the station markers and the Core Duo backdrop.  I loved the Halloween decors of the gym this time.

A Happy Celebration to all and a Peaceful Moment with our Dearly Departed Loved Ones.

Onward to the Christmas Season 2015!!!

Signing off for All Soul's Day
prepping up for the Christmas Holidays,

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