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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Invited as an Apparel Designer for VIDA E-Commerce

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share the wonderful news . . . 

I received an email December 3, 2015 from VIDA E-Commerce with main office located in San Francisco, California, USA.  It was an invitation to be one of their VIDA Designers.  I have yet to prove my worth to garner the title and become a VIDA Voice of the Google supported Fashion Shop by starting or having my very 1st approved product launch under them.

Here's the text of the invitation coursed thru email:

I did neglect or didn't see the clause of NO TEXT on designs to be submitted, nevertheless I submitted my very 1st set of designs which are my Art works belonging to my Art Series (Part I and Part II) under Creo by Lady Katutz.  These are 3 designs which became 6 items in my submissions.  These designs have no text but have wordarts instead.

I have compiled and accumulated an art series per theme comprising Part I and Part II with Creo by Lady Katutz for the past 2 years besides working as a scrapbook artist both paper and digital category.   I deemed appropriate to submit these with the hopes of having my artwork on apparel with VIDA E-Commerce.

Here are my designs on VIDA E-commerce models:
(a set of 2 per artwork or design)

Below are 2 sets which belongs to my Sweet Life Collection
(a part of my Art Series Part I of Creo by Lady Katutz)

silk tee and modal scarf 

silk tee and modal scarf

Below is a set which belongs to my Season's Greetings Collection
(a part of my Art Series Part II of Creo by Lady Katutz)

silk sleeveless tee and a regular silk tee

I hope to submit more designs for VIDA E-Commerce for approval in the hopes to have a product launch under my name as a VIDA Designer.

Wish me Luck!!

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