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Monday, December 28, 2015

Las Piñas City Christmas Philatelic & Maximaphily Meet 2015

Hi, everyone!

I'm so glad that a 2nd Meet for the year with the 2 of us has transpired last December 27, 2015.  We now call ourselves the Las Piñas City Mini Group on Philately and Maximaphily.

I'm also glad to be back at a Starbucks establishment which was the very 1st coffeeshop establishment I did go decades ago when the industry of coffee proliferated in our country as or thru coffeeshops.

I would frequent Starbucks 6750 and Greenbelt in those days.  Now, we also have Starbucks in the place or city where I live, or where I'd usually go to in Las Piñas City.

Going back to our Christmas 2015 Meet.  I was able to prepare Christmas 2015 re-issuance of Christmas 2014 Maxicards as one of our Meeting Cards.  Alongside this, I also prepared a number of Postcrossing Meeting Cards for the discipline and blossoming group of philately and maximaphily with the 2 of us.

We signed our cards and chatted away . . . of this year's releases or PHLpost stamps issuances which my companion brought to the meet to share with me.  I brought along my Maxicard Collection all in an album.  She with philatelic stamps and I with my maxicard collection from around the world - London, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, India, Australia and a few of my own created maxicards here and abroad, too.

I believe my companion completed her Cory Aquino painting stamp series.  I was really at a loss and in a moment of WOW of seeing each cover, mini sheet and mint sheet completing a PHLpost stamp release collection to keep.

I wish I'd be able to visit the E-Post Shop of PHLpost someday soon to beef up my own philatelic souvenirs from PHLpost.

We enjoyed much our drink and she helped me in my Starbucks sticker collection, in the hopes of completing it for a Moleskin planner.  Who knows, after a Seattle's Best journal, a Starbucks planner may be on its way for the New Year of 2016! 

Thanks much for an APEC stamp for me to keep, Jasmin!
And I got a Starbucks Gingerbread as my take home.


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