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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Complete Kaboodle Doodles Book (Set of 2)

Hi, everyone!

I'm on a roll closing the year 2015.
This is my 2nd post on Completed Set of Books designed and printed by Creo by Lady Katutz for communities.

Today's post is on the Set of 2 Kaboodle Doodles Book completed this year 2015.

Since, I took helm of Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog in year 2012, I have been working and designing books on the side for the challenge blog.

In so far, I'm a little proud to say, I've completed 2 books for the years I'm administrator of Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog from June 2013 up to March 2014.  These are encapsulated in the 2 Books I've printed for Kaboodle Doodles, in the world of self-publishing.

Here they are:

 Kaboodle Doodles Book I (2012)

First Release: 2013
3 Copies printed with only 1 copy available: 
64-page book {limited edition book}

First Release: 2014
3 Copies printed (improved and completed version) with 
2 copies available: 68-page book {limited edition}

Kaboodle Doodles Book II (2013-2014)

Released: 2015
3 Copies printed: 96-page book {limited edition book}

Bon Vivant, Kaboodle Doodles!!!

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