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Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Book Review: "Imagine This!" by Migs Ramirez

At first, I thought the book is an activity doodling book, published by Shepherd's Voice Publications with author Migs Ramirez.

It proved to be an easy read.

As you leaf through the pages reading every short chapter, you'd find yourself being transported in a room having a one-on-one talk with none other then the author.

He spoke thru the book of his life, his inner turmoil and how he emerged victorious arriving at his own life definition and life map.

I admire his brevity for his life's revelations that he would like to impart these important teachings he has mastered on his own with life's many experiences on love, family, finances and even various relationships may they be filial, familial or community.

It's tackling to the very core and root of the problem that enables you to climb thru the obstacles, wrestling with your already set mindsets. . . . to achieve a new perspective or paradigm on who you are and what you are and what you can be.

It is this learnings that you take to doodle.

And he made doodling a tool to help you through the process of tackling each mindset and reformulating them to suit and solve erring givens and facts you had your mind set for years.

It indeed entails a paradigm shift on the mundane set ways and he gives a logical methodology and somewhat known answer to being a success for a given goal or resolution.

It's like talking to a friend in confidence.

A wonderful and light book on self-help with doodling as a form of help or outlet.

like the "Imagine This!" Book above,

Thanks to Shepherd's Voice Publications!

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