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Monday, November 28, 2016

A Donation Project: My BnC Parilla Butterfly Sprite Needlecrafts Postcards

In attendance last National Heroes Day in November 2015 at the Proud Pinoy Stitchers Meeting at SM Megamall, I was chosen with my own arsenal for:

A Project with a Cause for me to do as:

Lady Kat (Kat-Kat in my younger years) with my hobby of Brooches n Crossstitches (BnC) as the crossstitcher;

Lady Katutz (Katutz in my toddler years) now with my hobby of Creo by Lady Katutz Designs (CBLKD) as the postcarder or postcard designer & maker; and

Lady Kath (Kathleen - my real name) as the Philippine's Postcrossing.com Ambassador as the writer and sender of Needlecrafts postcards & promoter of Amorsolo National Art DMC Philippines crossstitch patterns.

This is my 1st year to fulfill the above chosen duties for me to do with the proddings of Proud Pinoy Stitchers (PPS) with the knowledge of DMC Philippines from their main Megamall Store, and with consultation of DMC Philippine Artist Aldrin Jay Parilla to do a postcard rendition after stitching his designed, with an addition of my own mini silk ribbon embroidery on his Butterfly crossstitch design.

My Needlecrafts 2 own-designed postcards are to help the embroidery industry as a former embroidery artisan of my own hobby of Brooches n Crossstitches since 1985.  Focusing primarily on crossstitching thru the years, and now with silk ribbon embroidery in tow as my own addition to Parilla's crossstitch design pattern, my Needlecrafts 2 postcard of my BnC Parilla's Butterfly Sprite is to help proliferate the know-how and knowledge transfer in being a DMC Crossstitch Designer for our own country.  This is to further promote Filipino crossstitch designers of our country, the Philippines.

Parilla is the 1st DMC Philippine Artist to have his crossstitch designs into DMC Philippines' crossstitch patterns.  This is aside from our Filipino Artists - from our very 1st National Artist Fernando Amorsolo to living Philippine Artist Manuel Baldemor to mini Philippine Graphic Designers and add me to the list as Philippine Crossstitch Artist - Lady Kat of Brooches n Crossstitches (BnC) under Creo by Lady Katutz (CBLK).

For my Deltiology post:

Here's looking forward for a 1st fruitful year working for the proliferation of Filipino crossstitch designers ingenuity / ingenuinity in crafting and designing for our crossstitching public.  And, may we reach the international crossstitching , needlecrafts and embroidery community worldwide with our own. 

PLEASE NOTE:  I didn't receive funds for this project or for this donation project.

Kudos to us!!

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