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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Awardee of Contemporaries at Uffizi Prize


A month before or a few days in September 2016, I received the invitation to receive the Contemporaries at Uffizi Prize together with other few awardees chosen by known curators - Russo to be held in Florence, Italy.

I sent my reply and requirements all ready in October 2016.

Venue was moved to Ximenes Palace also in Florence, Italy from November 11-13, 2016.

the above award, art books/art catalogue and art magazine 
(featured in both books and magazine for art museums)
received thru EMS postal January 9, 2017

I won't be able to be in attendance to the event,
but gracing the video presentation at Ximenes Palace for
the Contemporaries at Uffizi Prize is
one of my Lady Katutz Photgraphy works:

"Kathleen Hernandez is a very talented photographer, an artist with a deep sensitivity that allows her to see beyond the surface of things, that allows her to see the real beauty of which everything is made of through one of the nobliest art ever: photography.  Hernandez becomes our third eye, the one that tells the truth about reality, the one that doesn't lie.  A very precious work, where the subject is presented in all its beauty with a rare attention to details and a perfect combination of passion and technique.  A tribute to the world and an empathetic action that corresponds to her desire to share something beautiful and let the spectators feel as she feel when she takes pictures."

- Contemporanei nella citta degli UFFIZI 
(Art Book and Catalogue)
Palermo, Italy

Ximenes - Panciatichi Palace, Firenze, Italy
November 11-13, 2016

To purchase an artprint of the above photo:

To purchase a canvasprint of the above photo:

This is the very 1st artwork in photography media I created belonging to my Art Series V: Roses.  This is where the rest of the Roses Collection launched from 2016-2017 originated.

Photo captured from our own family garden.

To purchase Artprints and other more of the above Roses photography work
and collection,
visit my Society6 Shop at https://society6.com/kbhernandez

thanks & happy shopping!!

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