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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Awardee of Contemporaries at Uffizi Prize


A month before or a few days in September 2016, I received the invitation to receive the Contemporaries at Uffizi Prize together with other few awardees chosen by known curators - Russo to be held in Florence, Italy.

I sent my reply and requirements all ready in October 2016.

Venue was moved to Ximenes Palace also in Florence, Italy from November 11-13, 2016.

the above award, art books/art catalogue and art magazine 
(featured in both books and magazine for art museums)
received thru EMS postal January 9, 2017

I won't be able to be in attendance to the event,
but gracing the video presentation at Ximenes Palace for
the Contemporaries at Uffizi Prize is
one of my Lady Katutz Photgraphy works:

To purchase an artprint of the above photo:

To purchase a canvasprint of the above photo:

This is the very 1st artwork in photography media I created belonging to my Art Series V: Roses.  This is where the rest of the Roses Collection launched from 2016-2017 originated.

Photo captured from our own family garden.

To purchase Artprints and other more of the above Roses photography work
and collection,
visit my Society6 Shop at https://society6.com/kbhernandez

thanks & happy shopping!!

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