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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Donations for A Cause: CBLK at Postcrossing.com & their Postcrossers

In 1998, when I was a new experience hire
at my Government Financial Institution (GFI),
we asked ourselves of our dreams and aspirations
while we do our accounting work at the office.

I'll admit to this post one of which and that is
to collect postcard booklets from travels and
also to send and receive dedicated postcards from across the globe or
from around the world.

We discussed it as we toil in our office accountancy work day-to-day.
And we saw the lack of appreciation for the art of collecting postcards,
the making of good Filipino postcards to the art of sending postcards to someone.

I did say I'll find someone who espouse such dream and
work for him and his project team.

We saw that the Philippines, our country, has limited choices of postcards to send at that time.  And it will be needed from me to go or do postcarding work which means that I need to design and produce more themed postcards aside from tourist postcards that we all enjoy and have to this day.  Add to that are bio cards which I also use now to teach international postcrossers our Filipino Heritage and History.

I did find in year 2013,
the postcard and postcrossing project that is
which started only in year 2006.
This is a year after I retired from corporate employment.
But I discovered them only 7 years after and
registered as a postcrosser in year 2013.

This is so after I became equipped with,
as Creo by Lady Katutz Designs (CBLKD),
in designing my own postcards to send
aside from regular tourist postcards that we do have and can send.

These are from birthday themed, holiday themed,
friendship themed, community postcards and
my own art cards with the help of
American designers of digital supplies and materials.

I found them all thru my digital scrapbooking forays,
my international digital supplies and materials.

I started buying in year 2011,
digital supplies and materials
starting from Jessica Sprague.com, then Lettering Delights,
Mye De Leon before she became Mye De Leon Designs to name a few . . .
{names are found on my blog's right sidebar for the others}
and so on and so forth . . .

I was buying until I earned the title of Design Team (DT) Member of
individual Digital to Graphic Designers to
a Digital Shop.

I worked with them as a DT member and
do postcard COLLABORATIVE WORK with each one
in my endeavour to liven up more fellow postcrossers out there
in search of such specific kind and category postcards
with due credits given to the people I work in collaborative effort.

{I hope to share 
in another or in a series of posts}

My other postcards, I did my own photography work and
named it as a Lady Katutz Photography (LKP).
{I hope I can show my photography work for a cause
for postcrossing purposes in another post}

PLEASE NOTE:  I didn't receive funds for this project or for this donation project.

I did FUND my postcard designs production and
sent my postcards on.

It was enough for me to hear and receive their messages of
warm thanks for such postcards sent to my postcrosser recipients and friends.

Others were kind enough to send their own
thank you postcards or thank you maxicards
for my own collection.

Many thanks and may we find more of God's gift within ourselves in sharing our talent, resources and ourselves.


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