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Sunday, December 18, 2016

DONATIONS FOR A CAUSE: Social Media for A Cause


I have been a bit or a little bit of a food aficionado.  Better a food taster than a cook.

I am now a retired Travel and Food Reviewer for Trip Advisor but I still keep on with my Food Photography.  My foray in this avenue especially with my Food Photography appearing in various establishment's review in Trip Advisor, my Creo by Lady Katutz Facebook page and my various social media platforms,  has been my SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A CAUSE.

Some of my Food Photography Art are chosen to be the main or banner photo of some establishments affiliated with Trip Advisor at no cost.

It is promoting and marketing each food establishment thru my Social Media and writing reviews for them for a CAUSE.  AND NO, I'M NOT PAID FOR EACH POST I DO in this arena.  Maybe others do just get a treat with my work, sad to say for myself. {sigh}

I retired from Trip Advisor - A TOP CONTRIBUTOR.
In my area, I'm the 2nd Top Contributor writing for them.
I'm retired now.

I thought I can go be a food blogger too.  I tried but the writing "gusto" is just not there to write within my Creo by Lady Katutz blog.  My Creo by Lady Katutz (CBLK) blog remains an Artist's Blog.  I was hoping I could share my foray albeit a little venture into the food industry.

I did start sharing my Pastry Chef baking endeavour on my blog for a year until I had stopped and ventured into writing as a foodie / food and travel reviewer.

What's left is MY FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY appearing on all of my social media platforms, especially if you're a newly opened food establishment for everyone. I apply all my designing and creative powers to create a wonderful and tasteful food layout, provided it is matched with the best plating or if for a coffeeshop, with the best coffee art you can show for my viewers.  And, I hashtag each establishment with my photo art.

And I do pay for and choose the food I shoot
since the start and up to now.

This is going on for sometime now
unless we do have a family celebration,
that I do it on the side.
But the photo isn't always pretty wonderful.

Bests done alone at times for me to do for you and for everyone.


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