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Monday, December 12, 2016

Donations for A Cause: CBLK-LKP Community Postcard Work

Now, how do I start to tell my story?

It's how I got started with
my photography art
as Lady Katutz Photography . . .

My 1st philatelic transaction with the Bureau of Customs - Las Piñas City P.O. branch is claiming postcards and stamps purchases from Postallove.com; Royal Mail and Mr. Dorin Cojocariu who is the Housekeeper of Zazzle.com.

I was already a known for such purchases with LPCPO - BOC and we got to discuss what can be my contribution to the community as I was already a retiree.

Discussions went to art communities, Las Piñas circle of communities to Philippine philatelic communities.

I did say, I can only do little with the small amount I have when I ended my forays as an employee in the corporate world - whether private to public offices and entities.

I opened myself to the discussion of the lack of variety of our postcards focusing primarily on touristic cards.

I already discussed my forays into themed to holiday postcards in a previous post.  Now, I'm opening my discussion with going into producing flora and fauna postcards, as I used to be a DLSU Camera Club officer in my student days in my last year in college in 1993 with no adventure trips or projects at that time for fear for the studentry.

For least cost, I further opened myself to focusing on flower garden photography for my flora postcards.  And to cat postcard photography as my fauna postcards.

I started my photography with my pet cat Bibang in year 2011 with my Iphone 3G.

I have been driven with the motto of Sipag at Tiyaga since my student days in the 1990s for it is how driven I was to study and work at home.  That is all I have in that time.

And, we saw, that started with Manny Villar of Las Piñas City which is freely espoused by Filipino citizens in business, trade, commerce or those who are deep into community work.

There is now a "Villar Sipag" community development in my city of residence for years now.

I started work, as Creo by Lady Katutz with Lady Katutz Photography, seeing Las Piñas City Hall's and Villar's work on the Las Piñas Garden Club . . . . where village gardens are tended with supplies for gardening and flowering plants available for Las Piñas residents to cultivate their own home gardens.  Parks were also renewed and not turned into lots or land with buildings or more housing units.

My dad tended our family garden and I took into garden photography and photography with my house pets, working my magic in turning my photos captured into photography art to meet some artistic merit.

My photography work turned into flora and fauna postcards are also enough to meet the needs and demands of fellow postcrossers who are keen on certain flora or kind of nature photography to add to their postcard collection.

I spent my time, my funds and own resources to turn my flower and cat photography art into postcards to send on thru regular postcrossing, for maximaphily use also and to send to a few friends.

The above was a Project - "Brighten a Postcrossers' Day" with wonderful postcards or mail for them . . . . may they be collectors, or postcrossers with depression, or just plain photography aficionados.

My very 1st flower photography - Roses, appeared in Florence, Italy at the Ximenes Palace as a curated Contemporary artist of curators Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo for Uffizi Museum.  I believe myself a Contemporary Artist Photographer.


PLEASE NOTE:  I didn't receive funds for this project or for this donation project.

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