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Friday, July 21, 2017

Gazebo Maxicards (a Sanrio Rose Christmas Lantern Card - Maxicard)


Here's sharing one of my newly created Maxicards this 2017.

These postcards are my own created postcard designs 4 years ago,
from my digital designs as Creo by Lady Katutz Designs (CBLKD)

Now turned into
Illustrative Art Christmas Maxicards under
my CBLK Maximaphily and / or CBLK Maxicards.

These are running after
(i hope not so too late as this is also the 2nd year of Roses Art Series)
these are agreed upon as
Sanrio Christmas Rose Maxicards.

I was hoping to have these under the Art Series - Christmas Forever,
but then no Christmas maxicard for Rose Christmas.
(the rose as light and lantern for the holiday season)

Here are my created 1st set of Sanrio Maxicards :
(a set of 4 single maxicards - the City of Manila cancellation)
a Private Collection (no extra maxicard can be created)

Gazebo Christmas Lantern
(a Sanrio Rose Christmas Lantern Card - Maxicard)
Cancellation (in black ink):  First Day of Issue December 25, 2016
City of Manila

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