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Friday, July 10, 2015

Book of Life - July 2015 pages


Today, I'm sharing my Book of Life July 2015 pages.

It's been a humbling month of July 2015 and I still can't believe what happened to me at the very start.  I'm just glad that it's over and I'm well over to recovery, healing from a minor hospital operation.

Though, I still have another needed day to visit my OB-gyne to make sure my wound has completely healed.  I'm already thanking my mom and my dad for being around at the moments that I could not even bring myself to the hospital for consultation.  Also for the time that they stood guard by me waiting in my hospital room, as I lied down on the operating table.  And waiting for me to come out from the recovery room and return to my minute hospital room.

Thanks for picking up the tab for all of my procedures too, daddy, up to the end.  And thanks again to my mom for being patient in claiming with me my every medical test results to show and verify with my doctors.

To my doctors and attendants at the hospital, thank you so much!  With my home companions, thanks for not making such a big fuss of everything.

Thanks, everyone!

Here are my July 2015 Book of Life layouts:

Topic: Sandals n Flip Flops (Summer Shoes)

 Topic: Counting my Blessings

 Topic: Laughter 'n Summer Party

Topic: Summer Food 'n Summer Party 

 Topic: A Typical Day in July

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