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Thursday, July 30, 2015

CBLK Bee Mine, Hunny Dorin Maxicard with CBLK Dorinco Love Stamps

Hi, everyone!

My very 1st transaction with Dorin Cojocariu is finally completed.

The Love Stamps designed by Dorinco at Zazzle.com customized for me under CBLK has finally arrived together with my franked Bee Mine, Hunny postcard Certificates.

Thank you so much, Dorin!

Here I am now, showing thru this post my signed souvenir CBLK Bee Mine, Hunny Dorin Maxicard together with the Zazzle.com Customized Love stamps:

 My own designed postcard signed by Dorin for my keepsake.

My 1st Dorin Maxi for me to keep.

Originally a sheet of 20s Zazzle.com Customized Dorinco Love stamp

The above shows the stamps left as my souvenir after the CBLK Dorin maxicard transaction was completed.

For those who want to order my zazzle.com stamps above by Mr. Cojocariu,
click HERE.


  1. It's wonderful to be a creative collector!

  2. Why should you, the anonymous reader of this now, be just a passive collector/accumulator of things designed ONLY by others (stamps, postcards, maxicards, etc.)? Express yourself! Kath, I am glad we share with our fellow netizens many ways to be creative. You are a multi-talented and skilled creator! http://www.freewebs.com/dorinco/

  3. See some more links in here: http://dorincardlm.hubpages.com/hub/dorincard