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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Book Review: The ABCs of Handlettering

I have finished reading a good book related to my arts and crafts work.  It is The ABC's of Handlettering with author Abbey Sy:

I was so esctatic to be able to grab a copy of her book.  I was doing my calligraphy work and typography work on my own and it's great news to hear that there's a book for beginners on handlettering.

My aim is to help me know the handlettering terms more specifically an intro to handlettering branching into calligraphy.  I guess the book speaks of generally of handlettering with a little glimpse on calligraphy.

It helped broadened my knowledge on the features I'd see on my editing software and digital scrapbook application . . .  on fonts, leading, styles and techniques on handlettering with a little glimpse on digitizing too.

I'm afraid the book isn't as instructional as I thought the book would be.  But nevertheless, the book is informative and a good read with an introduction on Manila's handletterers . . . those who have studied further handlettering going to the extent of taking additional education abroad and showing us readers how they make use of these learned talents.  Their passion and how everyone started into the art of handlettering.

It is an easy and fun read.  And yet I started a little confused as to classifiying each bit of information found in the book, if it belongs to arts, digitals, letterings and many other forms of classification.  I would even would have wished that Abbey had shown where handlettering falls in the heirarchy or section of the Arts for me to get a clear glimpse of this branch or added element of lettering.  And also the position of a letterer in the arts and crafts industry.

I have been glad and I do enjoy injecting handlettering or more specifically calligraphy in my arts and crafts project . . . from my art journaling, project life pages, book of life pages and scrapbook layouts.

  It is fun!  And to know of this particular element or part of one of my projects is something that I would like to know and learn about.  And know I would like to learn more, as everything forms part or is a part of a discipline from which everyone can derive pleasure in creating a beautiful and wondrous project.  For me, in my art and crafts discipline which I, for now, call still a hobby.

Thanks for releasing such a book to Summit Media, Abbey Sy and all the letterer artists included / introduced in the book (it's so good to know these artists do exist), and to National Bookstore for making the book reachable for everyone!

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