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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy 10th Anniversary to Postcrossing.com

Hi, everyone!

Today is the Anniversary of Postcrossing.com.

I guess and I have to agree that I'd like to put together the celebration with my own Postcrossing Anniversary, which is the approximate time I joined Postcrossing.com as a Postcrossing Member last 2013.  

It would look like that I'm celebrating for around 2 months from June to July every year or approximately just a month of commemorating from June 15th to July 14th.   . . .  the 1st date was the time I joined and become a Postcrossing member and the 2nd date is the Anniversary of Postcrossing.com.

For this year, I have completed the designs of 2 Postcrossing.com cards / postcards.  I have blogged last year that I started creating a Meet-up Postcrossing Community postcard but I have not yet finished or completed the design.

Now, I'm a bit proud to say I have completed 2 cards.  Both are a variation of each card - the 1st one is a Postcrossing Meet-up Card (whether an international meet-up or an exclusive community meet-up).  This card is solely for a meet-up which is to get to know each postcrosser member attending.  The 2nd one is a Postcrossing Meeting Card which could be a meeting of a mix of communities under Postcrossing for a set agenda or a meeting of single community with a topic on hand to discuss.

Without further adieu, here are my 2 Postcrossing cards:

(All Rights Reserved)

The Postcrossing Meet-Up Postcard

The Postcrossing Meeting Card

I hope to get these 2 cards ready and printed.  


CONGRATULATIONS for another year 
of Postcrossing for
 the Postcrossing Members!!

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