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Thursday, July 23, 2015

My All Days in My Everyday

Have you ever wondered about your everyday?  or Have you ever thought analytically how you spend your day everyday?  or what activities take you All Day and have fun with it or about it?

Since my operation last July 1,  I have incorporated with my everydays going to an All Day Convenience Store.  Things became different after the operation.  I could no longer stay for the whole day at home after my recovery.  The colors of the house and the play of lights and sounds in my home environment is not as conducive to let me spend All Day or All of My Days just staying home with my craft.

I resorted to going to an All Day Convenience Store where the ambiance is bright, clear and just everything white in my eyes with splashes of color.  It's where all the colors in my craft come to life.

My administrative work in my arts and craft hobby becomes more easier to accomplish, my adult book coloring activity more doable and relaxing, and I just recently discovered the convenience in continuing with my Girl with Mangoes crossstitch project became much clearer to my eyes and my mind.  Albeit, crossstitching is a bit slower than doing it in the confines of my room but it is cooler to my eyes to be doing it in the confines of the All Day Convenience store.  I prefer sitting quietly in one area, maybe a little chit chat here with a seatmate, but preferably quietly stitching and not loosing count of my every stitch.

There!  I've discussed the convenience of staying at All Day.  

Now, let me talk about food you can buy at All Day. . . .

I believe the concept of All Day is a coffeeshop and a mini convenience store put together, making it bigger and yet cozier than a 7-Eleven.  It started as another 7-Eleven to be or a Mini Stop to be, but with their mini coffeeshop kiosk, it proved to be a friendly place to stay and hang-out.

The food is a mix of a typical food you can find at a convenience store from snacks of biscuits, junk food to real food of sandwiches, siopao, mini pizza, empanada to pastries.

I like the choices of drinks, from their big self-service ref to drink dispensers of juices and coffee.  Well, if you'd prefer for a Starbucks-like drink, you better tap the counter of All Day's coffeeshop for your choice of concocted coffee from iced coffee to hot to warm coffee.

I have to admit, I had a problem with their heating food with All Day's microwave.  The rice that goes with their rice meal ends up too hard.  The pastries, on the otherhand, becomes too hard burnt-inside and not really as edible when microwaved.

I'd request for those mentioned food items to be not subjected or chucked in the microwave.  And I prefer chancing upon newly cooked rice from their kitchen or from their serving pastry chef.

Anyway, so much to say about All Day that I have definitely included All Day Convenience Store with my Everydays.  Who knows I might stay at All Day longer to take care of me to have an enjoyable to delightful All Day at the Convenience Store. . . .  hmmm . . . . I never really thought of it that way before but it might work for me, maybe once a week aside from my everyday minutes of staying there.

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