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Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Philippine National Stamp Collecting Month Handmade Maxicards

Hi, everyone!

It took me almost the end of the month of November or the end of the National Stamp Collecting Month before I was able to privately re-issue Maxicards for the occasion.  Unfortunately, the National Stamp Collecting Month Meet-Up in Las PiƱas City was . . .  if not postponed momentarily, the event could be cancelled for this year 2015.

I'm just able to breathe a little in the private re-issuance of only 1 set of Maxicards for the National event.  I saved 2 sets (1 NSCM handmade Maxicard & 1 Postcrossing Meet-Up / Meeting Card in a set), should the Meeting push thru before the month ends . . .  just a little more of a few days to go.

Here I am now sharing photos of my handmade maxicards:

The stamps are the 4 set stamp issued for the 2014 National Stamp Collecting Month which happens to be the 160th year celebrated 2014.

Four-color themed handmade maxicards were privately issued last year for the event, no matter how delayed the issuance was last year which was postmarked January 30, 2015 (2 months after the occasion).

This year is only the re-issuance of 1 color of the 4 color themed handmade maxicards.  What was re-issued was the teal color handmade maxicard.

Not technically concordant according to FIAP and FIP rules, but this was issued as non-traditional maxicard in terms of the fact that the cards are handmade in nature and not visibly concordant per traditional rules of both international commission or association.

The postmark, due to the handmade or embossed nature of the handmade maxi, are not despicably postmarked clearly but postmarked with upmost care to the card.

All in all, a non-traditional private maxicard issuance!

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