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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Creo by Lady Katutz" Handmade Art Card Series (Part II) - Christmas Forever Around the World

Hi, everyone!

As I've mentioned, onwards Christmas Season 2015!!

I have prepared and completed my Christmas Forever Around the World Handmade Art Card Series (Part II) just last month in October 2015.  I had to let the Halloween Celebrations go past, but I was already getting excited and looking forward for what this 2015 Christmas Holiday Season may bring.

It was with the Christmas wishes that I went on creating with fervor this Christmas Handmade Art Card Series after I've completed my Christmas Art Pages Series for Art Series (Part II) of Creo by Lady Katutz.

Here's the video of my Handmade Art Card Series for the theme:  Christmas Forever Around the World:

My project for this 2015 Christmas Season, is to create more of these design to join kids, young ones and those young at heart in sending a letter to Santa Claus around the world.

I have gotten the list days before the month of October has ended and had resolved to do this exercise to experience how it is to write to Santa Claus. may it be addressed to Santa Claus in Finland, in Netherlands, in Lithuania, in Canada, USA or other addresses around the world.

I hope to feature the whole activity here in my Creo by Lady Katutz blog.  I do wish my Santa Clauses would oblige or afford me a written reply.

HO - HO - HO!!!

This is my Dear Santa kick-off Crafting & Letter Writing Activity, this 2015.

HO - HO - HO!!!

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