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Friday, November 6, 2015

An Article on Postcrossing Published at the Philippine Online Chronicles

Hi, everyone!

I worked with Joseph (Seph) Romana, writer at the Philippine Online Chronicles (thepoc.net) for an article on Postcrossing.com.

After 2 previous articles with Scrapbooking.com about one aspect or forum activity of Postcrossing.com which is about Travelling Notebooks,  I'm back spreading word about Postcrossing.com this time in the local scene here in the Philippines thru thepoc.net.

It has been a delight working with Seph as discussion went on smoothly both personally and thru email.

Here is my submitted outline that served as an interview before the topic of Postcrossing got approved to be published at thepoc.net as an article:

Aim:  To promote the Postcrossing.com Website and the postcrossing activity.

1.       What is Postcrossing.com?  
2.       The benefits of postcrossing and what a delight it is to be a member.
3.       The reach of postcrossing.com 
4.       How postcrossing.com had helped me:

Here is the final approved brief outline of our article -

Business and Pleasure: Business Lessons from Postcrossing

I.  What is post crossing (description, membership base, etc.), it's benefits and the different ways it helped you. 
II.  The business concept of A Long Tail
            III.  How postcrossing is an example of a Long Tail.
            IV.  Postcrossing as a passive income source for the website's owners.
             V.  How Ideas Rule In The New Economy.

To read more about this article broken into 2 Parts, 
click the following:

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