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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ambasadress of Postcrossing.com

Hi, everyone!

the photo above is a screenshot of the email received from the Postcrossing.com Team.

I would like to share the news that I have been awarded the title of Postcrossing Ambasador / Ambasadress by the Community Manager and the Team of the Postcrossing.com Project.  

It has been a delightful news to receive, though, I have to admit it was so much work put into it to have garnered the aforementioned title.

After 4 postcrossing.com articles, I was able to clinch the deal with the Postcrossing Management Team:

I started with being a Postcrossing Member more than 2 years ago working with so much joy in sending postcards (from MAP postcards, Philippine historical figures postcards in spreading Philippine history, to touristic postcards).

I found delight in return also in receiving postcards from around the world.

I joined and became an active member of the Postcrossing.com Forum and I found my niche in indulging in Travelling Notebook activities.

Not only the Postcrossing.com Website and Forum, but I also joined groups outside of Postcrossing.com in further promoting postcrossing.  I created and had been an Administrator of 2 Postcrossing Groups that converge in Facebook and created a Facebook page purely on Postcrossing Groups and the Postcrossers around the world and those reachable thru the internet.

It is an effort and I did hope that it generated more posting activities of various postcrossing activities simultaneously working in the background in various postcrossing groups.  But it was too much to keep tab on.

At this time, I have yet 7 Travelling Notebooks that need to find the way and time back home to me.  I also have 3 Travelling Postcard packs that have yet to find its way around to reach me and my co-admin in the United Kingdom.  I have almost or nearly lost hope that I entrust it to the unknown out there and to not loose faith in their return.

As I have learned to create my own postcards as an addition to the variety of postcards that I can send thru postcrossing, this year 2015, I worked on and completed the designs of both the Postcrossing Meet-Up and Postcrossing Meeting Cards for Postcrossing.com's 10th Anniversary, which was released and utilized during the 2015 World Post Day celebration.   I'm glad to have a mini Las PiƱas Post Office branch tour done on the same event.  To read more of the mini activity, I managed to put together:

I have also and am already creating maxicards under the maximaphily discipline as a non-traditional private maximaphilist here in the Philippines and abroad - with Singapore Philatelic Museum and with Mr. Dorin Cojocariu with his Zazzle.com USA support.  I hope to cover more ground reaching United Kingdom also.

I would like to share how my Postcrossing Profile looks like which is now sporting an Ambassador's badge:

I was surprised that when you hover over the word Ambassador on my profile, the cursor would return and show the merits that did bestow the Ambassador title:

I found the notes thru Search results on "What is a Postcrossing Ambassador?"

Thanks so much Postcrossing.com!!

This is your new Postcrossing Ambassador,

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