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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Guest On Spotlight: Dorin Cojocariu of Maximum Card Study Unit (MACSU)

Hi, everyone!

I'm introducing a World Renown Maximaphilist and Philatelist on Creo by Lady Katutz' Guests On Spotlight.

My very 4th Guest on Spotlight is a new friend in the world of Maximaphily and Philately, none other than World Renown Dorin Cojocariu.  He is a part of the American Philatelic society.  And, he manages or is a part of a non-profit organization with a few other maximaphilists known as:

The Maximum Card Study Unit

See his photobucket albums and sub-albums, for thousands of examples of his work.

See some of his personalized stamps and postcards 
("Cards and postage" at Zazzle):

As I'm in the Philippines, he has been the one who helped me and pushed for more in my creation or production of my Maxicards in the USA with his Zazzle.com's support.  Not only maxicards but also my own designs turned into USA's Zazzle.com's postage stamps with his help.  Furthering my collection not only in maximaphily discipline but also in philately.

Below are the prepared questions and his corresponding answers to each:  
I hope you get to know him thru this post of mine about him.

9 Short Questions and 1 Wrap-It Question:

1.  I would like to know your complete / full name and what you do.
Dorin Cojocariu

2.  How did you get started in your craft?

I started as "postage stamp accumulator" as a child, since I was curious about those miniature images.

3.  Where there previous or other arts and crafts that you delved with or are currently enjoying?

Reading, philately/stamp collecting, LEGO...and a few others.

4.  Do you have hidden crafts that you like and enjoy by yourself?

Hidden? No.

5.  Amongst your crafts, which one did struck gold and became your main stint?  How did it help you?

Philately is (one of the) most educational hobbies. It sparks and fuels the appetite for general culture.

6.  How many years have you been dealing with your craft?  Or with each of your crafts?

Over half a century of stamp collecting...

7.  What is your main motivation or inspiration for indulging with your craft?

The joy of cultural research, and even of creativity in philately.

8.  Five years before, where were you in your craft?  Five years from now, what do you envision for your craft?

Five years ago I had more time for my hobby...I even had a philatelic blog...Five years from now I hope to have again more time...:)

9.  What are your major breakthroughs and milestones in relation to your craft or in the industry you are with?

In 2005 I switched my focus from stamp collecting, to maximaphily. I also found the joy of designing personalized stamps, personalized postcards, and personalized postmarking devices. All those are best brought together in maximum cards (maxicards).

10.  Describe yourself and your craft in one short phrase, word or sentence.

I am a passionate global promoter of philately (in general) and maximaphily (in particular), on the creative side (designing personalized stamps, postcards and postmarks). I have already designed for friends/partners/clients from North ("and Central") America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. :)

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